WHTT Asks Southern Baptist Convention Messengers To Choose Life Not War

Members of the vigil team from We Hold These Truths greeted messengers to the 2017 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), held in Phoenix, Arizona. The vigilers were armed only with signs like “Choose Life, Not War,” “Blessed … Continue reading

Christian Zionism Is a War Based Religion

Christian Zionism is a war based, political religion wrapped around the notion that the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It is a form of dispensational Christianity that is less than 200 years old. and, where … Continue reading

Palestinian Pastor Confronts His Fellow Southern Baptist Church Leaders

Jamal Bishara, a Palestinian Christian and Sputhern Baptist pastor spoke out against a “Pray for Israel” (but not for Palestinians) resolution passed at the annual Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) meeting in St. Louis. Dispensational and Christian Zionist theology is widely … Continue reading

Will Southern Baptists Become Peacemakers?

Five months before the second war against Iraq started in 2003, Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) sent a letter to President George Bush declaring that a war against Iraq would be a “just war” according to his … Continue reading