Factual Film History of Zionists Conquest of Palestine/Syrian

Filmmaker Karriem Shabazz lived and worked  in Syria for 15 years and traveled throughout the region.  Karriem relates the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict with remarkable archival video footage from his research in the region in a compelling documentary of the little known history of the Holy Land during the past 100 years.

Karriem Shabaz lived in Syria for 15 years and is married to a Syrian,

The people of Palestine do not deserve to be forgotten or neglected. Deliberately misinformed and deceived Americans are responsible for, and are the only people who can stop the injustice and genocide that is being committed in this Holy Land. “The Struggle to Save Al-Aqsa and the Holy Lands” begins with the father of Zionism, Theodore Hertzel and ends with the last Intifada when Prime Minister Ariel Sharon provoked this bloodbath of innocent children in 2001. This film documents the negative impact of T.E. Lawrence, Lord James Arthur Balfour, the British Evangelical Zionists, the League of Nations and the United Nations. It fairly chronicles the crimes of “Israeli” occupation force during the longest occupation in history, from 1948 in Kafr Qasim through the 1950s, 60s and 70s. And it exposes the hidden the massacre of women and children at the UN outpost in Qana, Lebanon 48 years later.

The Struggle to Save Al-Aqsa and the Holy Land documnetary: