Christchurch Massacre: Devout Christians and Israeli Zionists are Responsible

*Israeli Zionists are coaches for the acts of churchgoing Christian Zionists (CZ hereafter). We Hold These Truths will not take an accessible, wrong path by joining those who blame the standing President and his politics for the massacre at a Christchurch mosque. His are only a few of many hate acts against Muslims and Islamic states. One that our President did not control occurred the same morning in Gaza on March 15, 2019. We Hold These Truths leaders demand a more logical cause for Islamophobia, and we found it in our evangelical churches long before Donald Trump held any office.

We named the racist based theology found in evangelical churches, “Christian Zionism.” It allows and justifies mass murders. Some Christian Zionist leaders have even called for past and future war. We Hold These Truths has been pointing to the blood guilt of Christian Zionist leaders for a decade and a half. They provided the swing votes to elect our current President. CZ’s have this power because Israel, and world Zionists support them.

The mass murderer of Christchurch, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, named our President as his “white supremacist” ideologue. But we must look past our President to the political force that supports him to find the source of violence. Church-based Christian Zionists (CZ) is the biggest one. Nor is impeachment the answer. Vice President Mike Pence, another CZ is quietly waiting in the wings.

What is the role of Israeli Zionists in the Christchurch Massacre? A typical media response came from author Leonid Bershidsky in Bloomberg News the very morning of the Christchurch attack:

“The deadly attacks on two New Zealand mosques should draw attention to an obvious fact: Terrorists linked to the far right are no less murderous than the Islamist groups that get more headlines and attention from politicians.”

In other words, Jewish writer Bershidsky asserts that the Muslims in Christchurch had it coming because of terrorist acts by other Muslims, in other places at other times.

Christian Zionism is an un-Christlike faction within Christianity, more like a lodge or cult than a faith. It is intentionally generated inside Christian Churches usually, but not always, known as “Evangelicals.” There are no Jesus Christ teachings that accept murder and war by any name. But Christian Zionists do so out of a misguided emotional belief that the modern State of Israel altered Jesus’ teaching about love and peace. The Christian Zionist definition that We Hold These Truths developed is; “The belief that the present-day state of Israel is the fulfillment of Christian bible prophesies.” 

We can not excuse our Christian Zionist friends and relatives for looking the other way…often justifying the almost daily murder of Gaza Strip residents. The Israeli Zionists, are systematic killers. The same day that Brenton Harrison Tarrant murdered 49 humans in Christchurch, US media reported the Israeli military release that it had struck “approximately 100 targets” in Gaza. As is usual, it made no accounting of the death toll.

This writer has personally observed and photographed an Israeli Hellfire missile attack on Gaza in 2002. Each missile is designed to kill, and can not help but kill when unleashed into one of the densest population areas in the Middle East. We will be looking for a death report to see if Israel exceeded the 49 killed in Christchurch on the very same day, but it is unlikely to make the US news!

The painful bottom line is; churchgoing Christian Zionists are among our best friends and family members. But they are also at the root of our war problem, and the unwitting cause of the murder of uncountable Palestinians. Worse yet, Christian Zionists find it very difficult to hear and believe the truth about their acts and their chosen cult, for reasons we will explain in part II of this series. We will also touch upon some examples of how Israeli Zionists and Jewish media activists go about muffling resistance of voices not unlike ours.



Peter Attwood
March 17th, 2019

This is not your best.

You stood Bershidsky’s words on their heads, which on their face are stating that white supremacists are at least as violent and to blame as violent Muslims, so that Muslims are getting undue attentgion while these others are being overloooked. That’s not blaming Muslims. You’re doing violence to the English languahe.

And while the CZ heresy is responsible for plenty of violence, it’s not to blame for the guy in New Zealand whose ideology is wholly different and indeed antichristian, as Hitler was.

It coulkd be said that these guys murder people 49 at a time, while CZ inspires state terrorism on the scale of hundreds of thousands; it is at this point far more dangerous, besides more blasphemous.

Charles E Carlson
March 18th, 2019

Thank you Mr. Attwood. You have summed up the Christian Zionist influence in “state terrorism” more clearly than I, “at this point far more dangerous, besides more blasphemous than any single killer.”

As for your comment to the effect that I stretched Russian Zionist Bershidsky’s verbage, I may have. However, given a few day to reflect, Bloomberg’s distortion of what happened in Christchurch mosques is even worse than I thought. Bloomberg has published no less than four stories about the massacre, but in every one it has conveniently failed to detail how many men, how many women and how many children were among those slaughtered and wounded. “People” and other sex generic terms are used throughout all its stories. This is a sure sign of journalistic soft peddling. Any time sympathy is sought women and children victims are stressed! So tell me, how many of the 50 killed and an equal number wounded are women and kids? A mosque is a family activity. This is playing down the effect. Thanks again, and feel free to respond.- CEC

Charles E Carlson
March 19th, 2019

Thanks for your article.
I think perhaps that massacres like Christchurch come because someone is “heating the soup.” Racism and racist based theology are “soups”. These are underlying ideologies which we all hold and express and “eat” from to a certain degree. These ideologies are stoked, “heated,” when our leaders “heat the soup”: fail to set a moral tone. If leadership at the top slugs away – or tweets away – without a moral compass or respect for the other and for truth, the soup is heated, anything goes, we “are given permission”. And we all start doing the same. I saw it in Alabama where I served an Afro-American parish for ten years. Whenever George Wallace “let go,” incidents increased. I see it in Palestine and with Israel when Netanyahu stirs up his base. As you mention, Tarrant in Christchurch named our President as his “white supremacist” ideologue – in a sense justifying his massacre because of “permission” given “from the top.” Christian Zionism and other -isms are there, sometimes cooling, until someone turns on the oven flame.
Pastor Arnie

March 23rd, 2019

Good article. I live in New Zealand and in the aftermath of this tragedy, I posted how impressed I was regarding the response of most Kiwi’s to this massacre. The love and support for the Muslim community here locally has been overwhelming. To see the empathy shown by our Prime Minister is remarkable. I have many extended family and friends who are unfortunately Zionists. They hate Muslims and are not afraid to say so. It is very sad that those who proclaim that they are Christians can have so much hate and be judgmental regarding Muslims. These same people all love the apartheid state of Israel and ignore the suffering and persecution of the Palestinian’s in Gaza and the West Bank. I love your articles and your stand for truth and justice

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March 24th, 2019

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Larry Z B
March 25th, 2019

Thank you for this post. CZs are doing much damage to Christianity here in the US. Their beliefs in this Zionist state of Israel are erroneous. And, they are backing these never ending regime change wars in the Middle East and North Africa that are not in the true interests of the US, but only serve the interests of a foreign state, Israel.