Does Israel Have a Shoot to Cripple & Maim Policy Against Palestinians?

Israel denies it has a “shoot to cripple and maim” policy against Palestinians, but abundant evidence exists to support this claim. In this 20 min. podcast, members of We Hold These Truths look into these claims.

Sources like the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, tend to corroborate these claims, for example, in their article, “Is the IDF conducting a kneecapping campaign in the West Bank?” Another example is the Washington Post article, “Blasted limbs, broken dreams.”  Also, referenced in this podcast are these articles: “Israel Shooting to Cripple & Maim,” “Israel Continues with its Shoot to Cripple & Maim Policy in Gaza” and “Inhuman Cruelty in Gaza Exposed by BBC & TRT World.”

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Charles Savoie
January 29th, 2019

Many complaints are voiced about Israeli influence in America. This is correct, however most don’t want to grasp that British Anglican influence is far more powerful and in fact, Israel is just the UK’s unruly stepchild. Once the British claim land, they never give up on it, for this reason The Pilgrims Society ( came into being in June 1902 in London and the second (and only other) branch opened in NYC in January 1903. Trump has declared we could become a member of the British Commonwealth! Prominent members across the years include James B. Haggin (1907 list) who was known as “the greatest mine owner on Earth;” the man who was known as “chairman of the world’s cash flow,” David Rockefeller; Andrew Mellon, Treasury Secretary for 8 years whose fortune was “equal to the entire value of all the property in the State of Texas” (Congressman Wright Patman 1932); and the 6th Duke of Westminster who spent $500 million in 2012 renovating one of his numerous mansions; his Grosvenor Group owns skyscrapers and major realty developments in 70 cities and “literally owns London;” his ancestors were in the Chinese opium “trade” as of 1786. Ogden R. Reid, Pilgrims Society, was an Ambassador to Israel.