Visiting Palestine and the Holy Land as Pilgrim Not Tourist

Isai Garcia, a seminary student at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary gives a remarkable account of his recent,  eyeopening pilgramage to Palestine and the Holy Land. Sadly, the majority of American Christian who go to Israel, just go as tourists looking at Biblical sites. And, most often, they come away with no idea about the obstacles their Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters in Christ face in a country of military occupation that is rife with discrimination, even towards the arab citizens of Israel. In this program, Isai recites “The Pilgrim’s Prayer” that started every day on their travels through the Holy Land. (31 minutes) In the photo, Isai is standing in front of the Israeli separation wall that is surrounding and choking off places like Bethlehem (see “Keep Bethlehem Open and Help Palestinian Christians Stay“)

While in the Holy Land, Isai Garcia prayed at the Israeli Separation that it would come down.


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Paul Hoskins
April 8th, 2017

Never have I desired to visit the Holy Land. But after listening to the experience here Nazareth and Bethlehem may be a pilgrimage were it not for the thieves and tax collectors, who possess duel citizenship and probably cosmopolitan citizenship since they are related to the other thieves and traitors all over the world. But I believe his evaluation is accurate and recalls what Jesus of Nazareth admonished of the inevitable poor and the prevailing rich.

The young man is intrepid and youthful faith in the world .