US SuperGov Shelters ISIS, Feints its Destruction

Part 1. US hides its support for ISIS, risks world war

It is commonly thought that ISIS, the Islamic State In Iraq and Syria (also ISIL or Daesh) was spawned from US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Some say it is a splinter group from Al-Qaeda.  But the only sure way to understand ISIS would be to be privy to who finances it.  A time-tested rule that never fails for long is,“follow the money trail and you will find the owner.”  Endless US SuperGov disinformation has all but convinced us of the impossible, that ISIS is self financing so that we will not think about nor look for its godfather of finance.

ISIS-oil revenues

It’s becoming more clear that the US SuperGov has not tried to stop ISIS’ oil flow, revenue stream.

US SuperGov has not yet been clearly pinned with directly financing ISIS, but others besides this writer suspect it it is done through surrogates, and we are in good company thinking this.  All signs point to ISIS being an instrument of US regime change in the Middle East.  The method and the parties through whom the dollars are funneled to ISIS are scantly hidden, like rocks under a new snow.

Others have recently discovered that the US has been sheltering ISIS’s petroleum sales. Unfortunately, the US money-flow monitoring system, that is so efficient in tracing every bank transaction that crosses a national border, is not going to help us.  After the tragic killings of 120-odd fun seekers in Paris, the news has been about ISIS and little else–how it must be stopped, destroyed, “decapitated”, as President Obama grotesquely quipped.  But not once have I read or heard anyone suggesting the US needs to de-fund ISIS. It seems, a very suspicious gentleman’s rule exists in our media that its sources of dollars are never to be mentioned.  We are supposed to believe that it ISIS is self-supporting.  The first sign that US SuperGov has been sheltering dollar flows to ISIS, while only pretending to destroy it, is that it has done nothing to uncover ISIS’s dollar Godfather (we suspect is Saudi Arabia) nor to end the flow of dollars to it. Others point to Israel.

The US SuperGov could strangle ISIS if it really wanted to.  Consider how US sanctions have proved capable of financially strangling Iran. Sudan, Cuba for 50 years, and are now applied to Russia and others.  So why can’t it find and control the flow of money into ISIS, a non-country without even a bank of its own?  Do we really believe that the US SuperGov surveillance machine, which stashes and reads our e-mail at will, is not capable of tracing billions of dollars into some world accounts used to pay for war equipment?  How does ISIS pay Delta for hundreds of air fares back and forth from the Middle East without dollars?  ISIS mercenaries drive hundreds, maybe thousands of brand new Toyota pick-up trucks we see on BBC, but our SuperGov can’t trace and block this flow of cash?  Common sense tells us it could, if they wanted to.

Once we find out who finances ISIS, we can guess all we need to know about its objectives and who its fighters are.  Those who open this issue have been stonewalled by the establishment media. Rather, we are fed a popular, but preposterous story that ISIS pays for its own war by selling slaves, robbing banks, and running captured oil wells and refineries.

Bizarre as it sounds, recent events have shown that oil revenues may actually have been part of ISIS funding for many months, but only because US SuperGov watched and allowed it to happen.  I once wrote, it was no less logical to believe ISIS warriors milk goats and sell cheese to pay for tanks and artillery than that they sell oil!  I for one never believed the “selling petrol” story and said so, but it seems I was wrong. It is now clear and all but admitted that US SupperGov watched and let them do it, that is until Russia and France arrived in Syria.

 According to the prestigious Financial Times of London, November 14, Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists,* ISIL has been pumping an old field near Deir Ezzor, and selling oil to truckers, who haul it south and east by road to a refinery in Iraq.  A Financial Times map also suggests ISIL may have moved oil north to Turkey.  If so Turkey is also part of the scheme to patronize ISIS while trying to pull down the Assad government.

The US excuse for starting bombing raids inside Syrian without invitation from the Assad government was, we were told, to protect the world from ISIS. But it seems those hundreds of  US air strikes did not stop its crude oil flow, at least not until the Russians joined the war party a few months ago, and after France bombed ISIS’s oil transportation system the week before Thanksgiving, responding to the Paris attack.  US SuperGov developed an excuse why it could not shut down the oil production before. It’s blaming their lack of action on a decision by President Obama. Yes, the US ignored the ISIS refinery for months after commencing the bombing of other targets in Syria and making hundreds of raids elsewhere. It seems to have ignored the oil flow until France became angry with ISIS and bombed it.

In less then one week both France and Russia have claimed to have destroyed ISIS’s ability to sell oil from Syria’s oil fields by simply destroying its means of transporting crude oil to markets in Iraq.  France says it used intelligence borrowed from the US forces, and in one raid it destroyed 116 oil transport trucks parked at the production site. A few day before  Russia claims it found and destroyed 500 transports on a highway to Iraq. It is not important if these numbers are accurate, or even close, Russia and France have both shown they know how to shut down ISIS’s oil sale without destroying the Syria’s valuable oil industry.

US SuperGov has now issued an excuse story for not shutting down ISIS’s crude oil sales that borders on silly.  It was published in the always-willing Bloomberg News. It tells us that (before the arrival of Russia and France) the US could not inflict sufficient damage on the ISIS production so it quit trying. Thus, the US forces allowed ISIS to raise money selling oil to continue its siege on the Assad government.  And probably, some of that money aided the murders in the Paris streets. And, refugees continued to flee Syria.

Logically, US weapons of mass destruction can shut down any factory (refinery or oil well) that manufactures an explosive product, anytime it has a will to do so.   How come the US could not think of destroying the transports and pipelines two years ago?  And, how could oil be allowed to flow north to Turkey?  Perhaps, this is why Turkey is so cooperative with the US in fighting against Assad.

It appears that US SuperGov has allowed ISIS to pump Syrian oil and flow it to Turkey and Iraq, and the money flow back to ISIS…is that possible?  This would explain why Turkey is hostile to Russia, the latter being quite serious about destroying ISIS.  On November 24, 2015 Turkey shot down a Russian war plane over Syria, a strange thing to do if the two are supposed to be allies against ISIS.  But not so strange if Turkey is an ally of US SuperGov, and the two want to keep ISIS going until the Assad regime can be replaced. Regime change is the name of the game…as was done in Iraq Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, and is openly aimed at Iran, and, perhaps, even Russia.

More and more we are led to use logic when the mainstream news fails us. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the US are sheltering ISIS, against Russian and Syria who want to destroy it and allow Assad to continue.  Is it possible that acts like those of Turkey against Russia could lead to world war?  President Obama has just stated that Russia is not on board with the US plan in Syria.  Unsaid is that the US SuperGov now plans to mastermind this war in Syria that has already put million of refugees on the road to Europe.  The end result; the Assad family is turned out, maybe murdered, and Syria is divided into hunks ruled by regional warlords. Then, ISIS can slide forth toward Iran, the next regime change on the list. Does this logic resonate? Read on.

Perhaps, US SuperGov does not want a world war, but whoever they are, they want ISIS to complete regime change in Syria, so ISIS’s black-market oil continues to flow to its enemies because someone higher than President Obama wants to keep it warring.

This  writer doubts that ISIS depends entirely on the sale of oil, nor on the sale of slaves nor any of the other fanciful stories we are told.  If and when oil sales are cut off, It will be funded as all armies always are: from “back home,” wherever that is.  So who is the  big daddy behind ISIS?  It has wonderful weapons, better than the US-equipped Iraqi army, and far beyond Syria.  Some of ISIS’s weapons are made in the US, said to have been captured from vast US military stockpiles in Iraq.  Some believe the financier and organizer is Saudi Arabia, America’s supposedly second-best ally in the Middle East. It has the third biggest war budget in the world, about $80 billion per year, ahead of Russia.  Saudi Arabia is without a doubt the largest buyer of US war equipment. Suppose Saudis loaned some of this war power to ISIS?  Would the USA’s best friend loan weapons to the supposed US SuperGov enemy?  Yes, if ISIS is destabilizing the Saudi’s competition.

And how about Israel, which has lately been exposed as a secret ally of the Saudis? These two countries are supposed to be mortal enemies, but now they have a mutual defense alliance.  Perpetual war in the Middle East helps to cover up Israel’s brutal occupation of the unarmed and hopeless Philistines in Palestine.  In the eyes of many Americans, especially Christians Zionists who want to believe it, the Palestinians are part of ISIS. So war on ISIS serves as a cover for Israel’s ongoing  genocide in Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine.

Others are also applying logic when the news fails us.  According to a makes-sense publication, Critical Thinking, “There can be little doubt that ISIS is a US/Israel creation, aided, abetted and funded by the UK, NATO, Turkey and the Gulf States.”  Critical Thinking continues, “Now Obama is committing to putting US special forces on the ground in Syria (placed among the moderate opposition to Assad) ostensibly as ‘advisers’ but more accurately as human shields to protect ISIS from Russian bombs – it would be more than embarrassing for Russia to kill US troops; it could easily escalate and broaden the conflict into WWIII. Think about how WWI started – from a localized event which unleashed pent-up geopolitical tensions.”

Critical Thinking‘s logic is consistent with events.  ISIS’s cash may well flow in from Saudi Arabia, a US surrogate, and from the CIA, which funded the Iraqi underground war with plane-loads of US $100 bills printed at the Federal Reserve.  ISIS’s lead warriors are known to be recruited from all over the globe, probably paid more than US soldiers earn!  It is not cheap to bring fighters from Denver, London, or Paris.  At least three women from Denver are in custody for trying to join ISIS in Turkey!  Mercenaries fight, but they would not be there without cash up front.


The brand of religion, Wahhabism, is the same for Saudi Arabia and ISIS

There is another reason to suspect Saudi Arabia of being ISIS’s backer, their common religion.  We are falsely led to believe ISIS is mainline, radicalized Islam, but is it?  Only in Saudi Arabia is the Wahhabi fringe of Islam practiced with beheadings and the chopping off of limbs, including those of political prisoners.  The Independent did a count, and found Saudis behead someone on the average of every other day.  According to Wikipedia, 151 beheadings have occurred so far in 2015.  Only Saudi Arabia and ISIS practice punishment by decapitation.  If they act alike, maybe they are “the same!”

Charlie Rose interviewed Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, on PBS and acted stunned over what Assad told him, that ISIS is “the same” as Saudi Arabia.  Host Rose was so surprised he asked President al-Assad to repeat the statement.There is no difference,” said Assad.  Rose did not question it.

Why not an ISIS war, paid for by US SuperGov through proxies, the Saudis and others, and, fought by mercenaries who think they are fighting against “US imperialism?”  US SuperGov may think they need more wars to keep the economy from stalling and crashing!  The UK and NATO are fanning flames, and help created countless Arab enemies for us.  Many think they hate us enough to die for one chance to get even, or to kill a Frenchman.

Common sense dictates that ISIS’s military leaders were recruited out of Hussein’s Socialist Ba’ath party in Iraq, who were left out of the new government of Iraq.  Its money comes from the New York FED’s printing press, cycled and washed through Saudi Arabia’s enormous, US SuperGov, protected oil wealth.  Hatred feeds ISIS, generated from the millions of homeless and impoverished, the hopeless sons and daughters of those slaughtered in several past US SuperGov, regime-change wars; volunteers are bitter men who have been victimized and are desperate for a job.  Some are willing to wear suicide vests to have a chance to get even.  They are not motivated by religion, but by the desperate homeless poverty that we see in the immigration march to Europe.  This is not inside information, it is simple logic.

Only an arms-locked movement of the American people, demanding peace and challenging US SuperGov, can stop the serial wars.  That movement must, and this is my opinion, start in our churches, which are responsible for caring for the orphans, widows, and homeless refugees. Churches need to break their timidness, and, in too many cases complicit silence, and oppose the killing, as Jesus would.

By Charles E Carlson

We Hold These Truths (

Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists* (Financial Times is a for pay publication, it is well worth searching for if this link fails)

US miscalculated:

Destroys 500:

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