US Continues Extra-Judicial Killing Policy, 8 Year Old American Citizen is victim

President Donald Trump has carried on with what President Bush started and President Obama expanded: Extra-Judicial Executions that include American citizens. In the first such action by President Trump, a Navy Seal incursion team in Yemen killed 8 year old, American citizen. Nawar Al-Awlaki in a raid against “terrorists.”

American citizens, 8 year old, Nawar Al-Awlaki and here 16 year old brother, Abdulrahman, were killed via US extrajudicial executions in Yemen.

In a cruel twist of irony, Nawar’s older brother, Abdulrahman, was killed in a 2011 drone attack authorized by President Obama just two weeks after his father, Anwar Al-Awlaki, was killed by a drone attack. In this podcast Chuck Carlson and members of WHTT discuss the ramifications of these deadly actions. For background inforamation, see “Please, Trump, Stop Extajucicial Killings.” (24 mins.)



Paul Hoskins
April 3rd, 2017

Extra judicial killing (murder) , “without” due process” is suspiciously cruel words to describe an argument against this wanton murder of children. Sounds as it emerged from the depths of perdition of Israeli source because of the amoral language . They always preempt grief or anger of anothers and reduce it to banal indifference.

Was it the red ribbon in her brown hair , which they found between their crosshairs or her red chiffon skirt? Yes, she looks to me dangerous . But really to be just (correct) since we killed the father and the brother , why not the whole family !? If we allow them to grow up they might think or speak things anti-Semitic. So is it not justifiable?

Paul Hoskins
April 4th, 2017

A politician with a conscience… well after learning that he approved of among other things , the Israeli loan of their middle eastern torture devices I was assured that he would be a good candidate. After all torture is a global or anti-Christian feature of their nature. I believe Jesus would not approve of torture or murdering children the CHristian church not withstanding. Maybe this is why the Hebrews tortured him ??

Once it was a quality of the West and American to hate cruelty and a spirit of compassion would always be cultivated in our culture. Now the alien Jew has his practices of pornography, torture, mass murder, white slavery, center for all unlawful commerce, finally the freedom to be themselves and the churches love it.

This was before the post -Christian era where perversity of all myriad manifestations is now esteemed. Murdering children …what’s that.? Jews and Israelis have a monopoly on everything and now the USA technocratic army is emulating their Levantine autocrats. How can we be writing and talking about such things ..? Have we lived too long or allowed others to?