Are Trump and Congress Driving Us to War?

Israeli lobbies, led by AIPAC, are putting pressure on Congress to pass new sanctions against Iran, whom Americans have been conditioned to believe is a threat to world peace, Never mind that Iran is surrounded by over 40 US military bases in the region and Israel has about 200 or more nuclear weapons that are subject to no treaties. This report from NIAC Action (National Iranian American Council) warns of impending confrontation against Iran that could lead to war. [Ed.-TEC]

Tell Your Senators: Don’t Give Trump The Keys to War


Donald Trump’s administration is laying the groundwork for a radical break in U.S. policy toward Iran. Following a speech before a Saudi business summit, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the Iran nuclear deal is a “failed approach” and warned ominously that the Trump administration will not be “passing the buck” but instead reviewing the deal and confronting Iran. Trump himself then said in a major interview that the U.S. may indeed abandon the nuclear deal and now says Iran is violating the spirit of the agreement. These are the starkest warning signs yet that the administration is planning a new, very dangerous approach.As the Trump administration sets the stage to potentially kill the deal and ratchet up tensions, the risk of Congress goading him on is truly dangerous. We are seeing the slide to war being put into motion, and passing this new sanctions bill – S.722 – may tip the scales and undermine any effort to stop Trump.

Congress – especially those lawmakers who supported the deal – must restrain Trump from tearing up the nuclear deal and starting a war with Iran. Unfortunately, if they pass S.722 they will be doing the exact opposite.

Senate staffers are warning us that they are receiving large numbers of calls and emails from AIPAC supporters urging support for the sanctions bill. They say the political pressure is enormous. In order to turn the tide, we need lawmakers to stand up to Trump and stand up to protect the deal – and that means your Senators must hear from YOU.

Make no mistake, we can’t afford to sit this one out. If Congress helps Trump kill the nuclear deal, there will be little standing in the way of war with Iran. We have to speak out now before it is too late.

Take action today to ensure that Congress does not help Trump kill the nuclear deal.