The USA & UK Warmaking & Sanctions Responsible for World Immigration Nightmare

Who else but the US and UK can be blamed when we see thousands of homeless refugees, on foot from the Middle East.  Most are either our war victims, or or come from states targeted with economic sanctions.  Tick them off: Syria, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, and that’s only a start when we think of the rest of central Africa.- CEC

Author Seumus Milne, writing in The Guardian: Now the Truth Emerges: How the US Fuelled the Rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq.  

Milne sums up:  “What’s clear is that Isis and its monstrosities won’t be defeated by the same powers that brought it to Iraq and Syria in the first place, or whose open and covert war-making has fostered it in the years since. Endless western military interventions in the Middle East have brought only destruction and division. It’s the people of the region who can cure this disease – not those who incubated the virus.”

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