The Manchurian Candidate

An article by Ted Sampley in the New Australian news magazine questions why U.S. Senator John McCain was so aggressive in his support for re-establishing relations with communist Vietnam, despite the opposition of virtually all veterans groups and most Vietnamese-Americans.

Sampley points out that former POW Senator McCain is on friendly terms with Vietnamese Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet. Vo Van Kiet was the very same Viet Cong leader who in the 1960s ordered the execution of several captive American warriors, whose only crime was that of bravery and patriotism (they would not bend under the tortuous cruelties of the Marxist jackals who held them). The bodies of these executed Americans, whom Sampley identifies by name, have never been returned to their families. (See Sampley,s full article: “McCains Ties with Vietnam” -not avaialble, see, instead: and:

Indeed one of the most curious aspects of Mr. McCain’s push for recognition of Vietnam was his contemptuous treatment of POW/MIA family groups during Senate debates on the issue of POW/MIA accounting. We know that North Korea, China, and Vietnam all, as a matter of doctrine, used and abused American POWs. Some were murdered, and others were likely kept captive following the end of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Yet McCain called for an investigation of some POW activists, whose persistent quest to learn the whereabouts of missing prisoners apparently annoyed Vietnam’s current rulers?

Even Iraq treated our Gulf War prisoners relatively humanely in 1991 (although there was some abuse) and returned them promptly at wars end, despite the heavy bombing inflicted upon Iraq and heavy anti- American propaganda. How strange that while we continue to bomb and embargo Iraq nine years after the Gulf War, one of our most acclaimed senators (and a presidential candidate with apparent powerful establishment support) pushes for recognition of the Vietnamese regime.

But then establishment insiders often claim that trade and diplomatic relations help breathe “freedom” into aggressive communist regimes like Vietnam and Red China, even as they use trade as a weapon against “maverick” nations like Iraq, Sudan, and others who refuse to tow the globalist line. For a clearer understanding of the Warmakers, who dominate the politically correct wing of the Republican party as well as most of the Democrat Party, and who believe in bombing one population while subsidizing others, we suggest you read: “History: Accident or Coincidence?” and “Murder From Four Miles High”