Secret WWI Bargain, UK & Zionists Win, Americans Pay War Co

Every American who has waved our flag or put on a uniform should be aware of the cold-blooded history of World Zionist Jewry and the United Kingdom, where the Zionist Movement was and continues to be nurtured. From King George to Tony Blair, the UK  has worked to manipulate America to do its dirty deeds and sacrifice our blood to kill Zionism’s enemies. There is not a more glaring and indisputable example of this than the active part that Great Britain played in bringing half a million Americans into the bloody European First World War.

The “Great War,” as historians dubbed the first war of mass killing, or the “War To End All Wars,” as President Woodrow Wilson called it, cost the lives of 117,000 soldiers who did not come home from Over There. And several times that number were maimed and wounded in the era of the machine gun, but before the discovery of penicillin. The amazing truth about WWI is that no history book gave a plausible explanation for why the United States had the slightest interest at stake for getting into it.

The results from the Great Britain-Zionist contrived war are still with us. The Great Depression resulted largely from turning off the war spigot and leaving excess capacity and the burden of enormous  financial costs.  Not until WWII was the excess capacity on farm and factory soaked up. Zionism’s and Great Britain started America down the path of a war-based economy from which it has never escaped.

So why did President Wilson, after campaigning that he would never take America into war, do just that? Papers in British museums and libraries, not known about until long after the events of 1917, now tell us we fought Germany for no other reason but to assist World Zionism in its plan to create a Jewish state on Palestinian territory that was under British administration. There is also strong evidence that, in a May 1915 attempt to lure the U.S. into attacking Germany, Great Britain sacrificed the luxury liner  Lusitania with most of its passengers and crew, some 600 of whom were Americans.

Two separate sources preserved the story of the bargain between Great Britain and World Zionism, each confirming the other, and revealing the same facts from two different viewpoints. Both make perfect sense and are too logical to be denied.

The first to record the devilish scheme was Samuel Landman, Solicitor and Secretary to the Zionist Organization, and later, Legal Adviser to the New Zionist Organization.  He wrote a pamphlet in 1936, complaining that Great Britain had not fulfilled its 1917 “gentleman’s agreement” to provide Palestine to the Zionists. It is entitled, “Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine” (1936). (1)

According to a current student historian, John McCarthy, “Samuel Landman let the cat out of the bag.” According to Landman, the Zionist Balfour Declaration was designed to “induce the American President to cast our youths into the War” on the British side, and this service to the British accounted “in no small measure” for Nazi anti-Semitism.  He warned that if the British didn’t deliver a Jewish state in Palestine, the Jews in their despair might try to “pull down the pillars of civilization.”

Then, during WWII, which was the sequel to “the Great War,” a figure from Landman’s book emerged to detail the account of the same event in a paper recorded in the British Museum entitled ORIGINS OF THE BALFOUR DECLARATION, DR. WEIZMANN’S CONTRIBUTION by James A. Malcolm. (2 & 3)

Mr. Malcolm, a distinguished public servant and agent for the British government, provided details about his very significant part in the conspiracy to bring an unwilling American people into the conflict for the sole purpose of saving Great Britain from total defeat at the hands of the German undersea navy.

As we now know,  in 1917 England was already forced to consider capitulating  to  Germany, which had been a traditional friend of America, whereas England had been our historic enemy.  A few lines from Malcolm’s paper explain the bargain between these two devils, with Americans paying the price for what each wanted from the other.

Malcolm wrote of a conversation he had with Sir Mark Sykes, Under-Secretary of the War Cabinet for the Near East, in which he explained the growing Zionist movement to him and said important Zionists close to Woodrow Wilson might persuade him to cast the United States into the war on the side of Great Britain.  He wrote:

You have overlooked what the call of nationality means. Do you know of the Zionist Movement? Sir Mark admitted ignorance of this movement and I told him something about it and concluded by saying, You can win the sympathy of the Jews everywhere, in one way only, and that way is by offering to try and secure Palestine for them.”

…”it seemed to me the only way to achieve the desired result was that one of President Wilson’s most intimate friends, for whose humanitarian views he had the greatest respect, was Justice Brandeis, of the Supreme Court, who was a convinced Zionist. Sir Mark (Sykes) was much interested in this new aspect and said he would check up on the matter, but he still saw no possibility of the War Cabinet adopting my idea. I asked him why, and he replied,  We cannot act without our Allies and I am afraid they would never agree.  I then suggested that if the object was to secure United States help, surely the Allies would agree. If he could obtain from the War Cabinet an assurance that help would be given towards securing Palestine for the Jews.”

The Malcolm paper is too detailed to quote here, but it is must reading if one is to know what the scheme was and who the people involved were:  The scheme consisted of a promise to the World Zionists — a “gentleman’s agreement” — that Britain would give Palestinian land to the Zionist Jews in return for their using their powerful influence to turn the existing American anti-war sentiment into anti-German and pro-war fervor, and save Britain from defeat.

One more detail is explained by Mr. Malcolm. Judge Brandeis wanted assurance in writing of this “gentleman’s agreement.”  That written assurance was to be the Balfour Declaration, which went through many drafts before it was allowed to be seen.

Lord Balfour wrote to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, who was known to represent World Zionism. The letter contained words to the effect that Great Britain would look favorably on the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, providing no harm was done to the native people there. This condition seemingly protective of the Palestinians was a lie; both sides had to know the Zionists had no intention of sharing the land once they got a toehold. This lie is the real gentleman’s agreement behind the famous Declaration that has made the Middle East a region of perpetual strife and bloodshed since 1947.

It was not feasible in 1917 to make public the real implications of the agreement, given thousands of American deaths–it was too perfidious. In 1936, after WWI was over and done with, Mr. Landman put his paper on record, in order to prod and threaten Great Britain to remember their bargain.

Mr. Malcolm put his detailed report of the same matter on record in 1944.  Perhaps he did so to show pride in his role of saving Great Britain from becoming a province of Germany. My own guess is that Malcolm would not publish his expose when it might have embarrassed the London money powers, to the end that World War II could not have been sold to American people with a 20 year memory.  Had they known they were conned into WW1, they might have rejected its sequel.

Consider the self serving agenda of the American Zionists.  Samuel Untermeyer, whose name is never mentioned, funded C.I. Scofield to compose a bible that would teach “Evangelical Christians” to love Israel almost as much as they love Jesus; it should be no surprise that this bible for Americans was published in England. Zionist Justice of the United States Supreme Court Louis D. Brandeis showed no reluctance in scheming to place the citizens of his own native land in a war that would take their lives and destroy our economy–a war that killed millions of civilians…for no reason but to support Jewish Zionism and, in the present case, to help Jewish Zionists gain land that was not theirs.

James Malcolm’s detailed account contains no mention of the immorality of stealing the home of 1.5 million Palestinians. For the Imperial United Kingdom, conniving and taking was its path to empire. Nor did anyone object to Britain maneuvering the U.S. into a war that only sought to help Great Britain to win in a war it could not win by itself.

Americans hear the UK called “our ally” in war after war, from WWI to Afghanistan, but everyone seems to lose except Great Britain, which manages to cling to its rock while it manipulates central banks all over the world, and Zionist Israel, which continues to foment wars against Islamic states with resources supplied by other countries, primarily the United States. From Winston Churchill to Tony Blair, there is no change in UK policy.

It is time to wake up to who our friends really are. Oops! We no longer have friends! America, like Great Britain, has destroyed every trust.  What is left for us is a continuing slide into democratic bondage, or, a major political break and rebuild.


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