On Syria’s Continued Resistance, Russia and the Threat to Western Power

“As a new year begins I wish to reflect on the Syrian government’s continued resistance and impending victory—with the help of the Russian military—against western backed terrorist forces. The defense of Syria, after an almost six-year-long proxy offensive against it, has served a blow to the western imperial agenda while greatly strengthening Russia’s position globally”..”US Seen As International Bully, Squndering Influence In Middle East”- r. Ghada Chehade

“But with US President-elect Donald Trump seemingly intent on a detente with Russia—reports have come out that Russia is not on Trump’s list of Pentagon priorities—the tide could turn. If Trump does indeed plan to improve US-Russia relations, and given Russia’s increasing status and global importance, 2017 could mark the beginning of the long transition to a saner and potentially more multi-polar world.”…Do we dare hope for such things? The US has been a belligerent bully that has terrorized the entire world—directly or indirectly—for at least the last fifteen years (if not closer to fifty). I believe that much of the world would welcome any changes to global politics and the global balance of power that would have the US become less meddling, less war mongering and generally less imperial/hegemonic.”

Dr. Ghada Chehade concludes

“It remains to be seen what will happen. But one thing is certain: with respect to the West’s imperial agenda, 2016 has been a welcome failure. Despite western mainstream media’s and global neo-liberal/neo-con propaganda campaign against ‘evil Russia-Putin’ and its insistence on the need to oust the ‘Syrian regime’ – at the end of 2016, these two stand as robust as ever. Indeed each of these targets has arguably been made more powerful and more relevant due to the west’s (and its allies’) colossal miscalculations. The fear-mongering campaign has backfired and has, ironically, helped elevate the status and influence of Russia and the Syrian government as we enter the New Year.”

Dr. Ghada Chehade is an independent analyst, writer and performance poet. She holds a PhD from McGill University. She blogs at: https://soapbox-

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Paul Hoskins
January 5th, 2017

This contributes to the current psychosomatic blindness from the success of Trump’s election . Does this erudite writer not suggest the eternal struggle of good and evil? The above asseveration , that the US- Zion hegemony has been frustrated in Syria is nothing new for US foreign politic. Losing pointless , hegemonic , immoral wars and astronomical debt is their modus vivendi.

But Dr. Chehade’s optimism may be premature. Her hubris, unsheathed by virtue of her scholastic achievement and an inherent characteristic of her inveterate culture still inspires a naive desire to believe in the impossible. But this innocence Americanizes her as her lust for the new administration to bring realization to pre-election hysteria and a resolution of temporal , invented problems.

This delusion is shared by the whole western world. But who holds the power to grant this “hope” for a new savior, that she reveals a vulnerability to believe.

Her hubris could be a provocation to the neo-cons and their Jewish suzerains had they not already predetermined sinecures in the President Elect’s cabinet and government. The trained animals are neatly in their enclaves in congress , some imagine a roar in their meow or whimper.

The Jew of course rages verbally demanding more and pointing with chastising finger to their USA reviled “mittle class” and this eternal debtors’ account in blood libel.

Chebaud is an intellectual , that proposes a new elitist world of intellectualism . Do not they all? who love to exercise their vain imagination with the apotheosis of amoral revelation. Nephrology can make anything out of clouds but they are erased by the wind.

Her other writing is esoteric and forgets or regrets that the earth is our only home now. The moral dilemma can never be solved through a continued reliance on the eternal elite to save it from both them and itself ; Nor by the ceremonious changing of the guard with a new plutocratic ruler.

The wise and powerful invent new philosophy to preserve the status quo. The elitist , who are indifferent now to mundane things , indifferent to holy things , such as life have no better testimony than the abject ignorant with a new vocabulary. But money they have or the illusion of it. Life is reduced to this. Contented, the blind lead the blind.

Although the subconscious of AMerica has been revealed in this psychoanalysis of Jews called the election system after a defeat of their ostensible nominee is typical jew, disingenuous indignation toward the contumacious electorate, partly genuine since their education has been found ineffective.

But there are other more primitive methods to suffocate hope and other unreconstructed qualities which Dr. Chebaud may have forgotten in her new land and life.

Politically is the message : if the people desire Trump’s rhetoric, then it is we , the Jew Zion Israeli trinity , who shall benefit from it.

Dr. Chebaud may promote the new hope , a new Weltgiest . But it has a presumptuous , morbid foundation , that promotes for her type a gratuitous and dispassionate, intellectual experience. The change will be superficial and lies will be excused or taken for grated. But nothing is free in this world . Someone , perhaps all mortal will pay for this extravagant prolonging of this misery called life.