Syrian army says Israel bombs air base near Damascus

Reuters News Service tells us that Israeli missiles (benignly called rockets) hit Syrian military instillation near Damascus, far from Aleppo where the Russian supported war on ISIS finally seems to be winding down.  As Russian and Syrian forces increase pressure on ISIS and other Western supported “rebels”, Israel has become more violent in its support for ISIS, and its admitted wish to overthrow its neighboring Assad Government. Recall that Israel took the Golan Heights from Syria by force in 1967. When asked about each subsequent attack, Reuters reports that, Israel either refuses to explain, or claims it is attacking Hamas or Hezballah activists in Syria.

We Hold These Truths wonders if President Elect Trump will demand that Israel’s stop its aggression?  Editor notes that Israel’s hostile act is staged during the transition from Obama to Trump.  WHTT’s five minute audio, Why ISIS Never Attacks Israel, But All Around It, reveals the link between ISIS and ISRAEL.

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Paul Hoskins
January 13th, 2017

I am not sure how Damascus was attacked. If it were Israel bombers ,F-15 or the new F-34 or 37 ,115million$/unit where are the Russian interceptors?! If launched from Issrahell , then how can they be accurate unless drones? Like always the ultimate question – what is the truth? This is confusing . But frightening when knowing Issrahell has nuclear warheads , that the saboteurs in Washington provided to place on their ballistic missile– also a gift from America.

Issrahell policy has no law nor restraint. Ends justify the means. Even though President Elect has pledged absolute support for his beloved, patriarchal country Russian presence is a stone he can not move without war.

Presidents have always promised peace: a promise not to send the boys to foreign wars; or to bring those languishing far away home for Christmas. But nothing has a shorter life than a politician’s promise . I see personally no rational reason to believe President Elect Trump is different.

Anyway too much is expected from Executive. By ancient , forgotten law congress is the ruling body. Something more concerning is their obsequious exhibitionism before the visiting King Jehu. They all agree in showing their adulation with their ridiculous multiple standing ovations if he clears his throat. This is the problem, congress: cowards , traitors, liars, thieves , perverts, a veritable den of iniquity.