Still More Blood On Judeo-Christians’ Hands

Only one week before 20-year old Adam Lanza carried out his shooting attack in Newtown, CT, we re-sending this update of our 2008 account of 24-year old Matthew Murray, who shot members of two evangelical religious groups, killing four and wounding five before fatally shooting himself. Matthew Murray and Adam Lanza seem to have experienced certain family similarities that culminated in their final acts of rage.  We can only hope the whole story about Adam Lanza will be told.

Those who looked — and saw — know what caused Matthew Murray to kill; he told us, clearly.  The media did not look!  We at WHTT are a pro-life group; we oppose wars because we believe every life is precious in God’s sight. We feel these needless deaths intensely.  We mourn for the survivors who suffer the painful loss of loved ones.

It is time to fix the cause of killings that rarely, if ever, happened two generations ago. We ask you to look hard at the cause; do not blame it on guns. Americans had many guns and bullets in past generations, with much less scrutiny than now. We also had sick kids — I’ve known a few — and mentally ill older people. But killing rampages directed at the innocent in order to punish society were rare indeed. That is what is happening now, and most of the killers are anything but dumb. A pattern is already emerging in the Lanza attack, which I predict will be kept secret from us. Whereas the incident will be used as political grist for various agendas by those who control our President.

Let us look back six years to the case of Matthew Murray: his father  was a brain surgeon; his mother was a “Judeo-Christian” activist who home-schooled Matthew for 12 years. He, like Adam Lanza, continued to live in his wealthy parents home.

Original Story, as well as this brief update. The name “Adam Lanza” can now be added to this account:

Why Home Schooler Attacked YWAM at Faith Bible Chapel, & Ted Haggard’s New Life Church
Charles E. Carlson
December 8, 2012

Youthful Anders Breivik lived in peace-loving Norway; he killed some 70.   Dylan Klebold was a high school student at Columbine, CO, High School, and theater mass killer James Holmes attended University of Colorado. All have two facts in common with another mass killer, Matthew Murray.  Each was bright, if not brilliant, young and troubled by the society their respective parents seem to have accepted without qualms. Matthew Murray went to his church and mission organization to kill.  He killed himself after shooting to death four of his peers. Murray, age 24, did us the favor of writing his own autobiography in advance, so we know why he did it.

As parents, teachers, and pastors, in our own quest for success, and in many cases for financial and spiritual survival, we often ignore our responsibility to teach our own children and grandchildren the more grim facts about the country and society we live in.  I am guilty, how about you?  Yes, we have left them to their own rooms with their own internet and smart phones in their often, lonesome quests to understand the hypocrisy of their shepherds.  We pretend it is not there, and we unwind over a glass of wine, or worse yet in Matthew’s case, we leave it to our errant churches to provide moral guidance and direction. In 2008 we wrote this about Matthew. 

Attempts to paint Matthew as an insane, satanic monster collapse when you read the painfully sad, but often intelligent and perceptive accounts he posted on the Internet in the many months prior to his killing spree. These show his active revolt against “charismatic Christianity,” which we called “Judeo-Christianity” (more recently Christian Zionism) and which we describe as an apostate sub-cult, which we opposed for some of the same reasons Matthew described. We Hold These Truths have simply found a better way to respond. Matthew chose to turn away from Jesus and toward violence. He simply did not know how to change what he considered wrong; instead it changed him. It seems Judeo-Christianity was force fed to Matthew, as it has been spoon fed to tens of millions, but Matthew says he got it 24 hours a day. He saw himself as judged by his mother and those in Christian organizations that he correctly saw in their hypocrisy. Here is a quote from ten reasons he believes his mother’s church condemned him to “hell.”

He wrote in his blog: “Why am I going to hell? First, I’m not perfect. Two, I’m an introvert. Three, I’m not popular enough to be a missionary with YWAM or any other church group. Four, I don’t pay tithes at all. Five, I don’t speak in tongues. Six, I don’t worship Bill Gothard. Seven, I’m bisexual. Eight, I don’t worship George W. Bush, Israel, and the Republican Party

Later Matthew wrote: “The damage has been done¦Now, it is Christianity that will be mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, judged, and condemned by many¦For me, I feel I can forgive my parents and family, however, I do not forgive their beliefs/doctrines and I will not tolerate further abuse. I believe that the truth needs to be exposed. People need to see through erroneous and destructive doctrines and teachings…”

Matthew Murray did not understand he had been forced into Christian Zionist churches and organizations, but he clearly saw their hypocrisy. I wish we had met him first. Moms and Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and teachers…it is time we face the reality of our crumbling society for the sake of our children.  They need to know.  We Hold These Truths focuses our mission on our churches because we need them back with us.
Please read my original article titled, Behind Matthew Murray’s Church Executions.

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