Russian Recruits for ISIS…Try NOT to laugh.



There is a saying in Russia regarding the Russian Grizzly Bear–“Do not pull or drag the Bear from her Taiga.”  This is referencing the Russian people but the analogy of the bear seems to be a perfect fit and is used, almost too often, especially lately.  Kadyrov, the Chechen President, has threatened any of his countrymen with severe punishment if they decided to join ISIS and has offered his own services in the fight.  Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has made a bold entrance into the ME conflict by strategically targeting the Syrian Rebels and ISIS.  Thus far, the stronghold that these groups once had is diminishing.  For all of the talk that is to be heard on Capitol Hill, is it not interesting that the Russian’s swift and precise movements show that DC is not only incompetent but also raises questions that are far more sinister in their allegations.

ISIS seems to have not only cushion for ammunitions, but also for fighters (new recruits), transportation, impeccable timing and decent intel which all lends one to ask, from whom?!  It is curious that “radical muslims” with a vengeance are so well-organized and funded.  They don’t really have a job, or do they?  Mercenaries are paid quite well, as are CIA covert operatives…not suggesting that the US is funding ISIS, but there are examples in the recent past of the US government funding rebels or violent factions to achieve a coup de tat.  Victoria Nuland has relished in taxpayer’s funds as she fomented, created and organized the coup d’état in the Ukraine.  The ME has several examples of this, Egypt, Iraq, Libya…and now it seems that the Syrian Rebels, aligned with ISIS, have been directed to put their efforts collectively to undermine Bashar Al- Assad.  The US government has openly admitted to funding the Rebels and, as we speak (or write), is dropping off supplies to these groups.

The question still remains, who exaclty is funding ISIS.  The US government seems perturbed at Russian efforts to destroy the armed rebels and the “radical” faction known as ISIS.  To many, the objective of the US military was to specifically target “terrorist” groups and many candidates have agreed that ISIS is a significant threat.  So, why is the Pentagon upset about Russia’s success in defeating ISIS, or at least significantly weakening their mobility and efforts?  And, is it a bit too coincidental that ISIS is gaining interest in places like MOSCOW?  Not suggesting that the US government is engaging in such nefarious activities but it is not the first time US tax dollars along with banker’s monies has been used to fund radical groups whose purpose is to create chaos and implement a coup de tat.  The puzzle pieces are coming together and the money flow seems to be coming from Western Allies…

–VLP (Notorious Natasha)