Protesters Against War Surround Local Church (Germany, 1933)


DATELINE:       1933

   Spring has come and there’s pride throughout the land.  Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party have been elected to power in Germany.  Certainly, most everybody would agree that Hitler has been ordained by God to lead Germany out of the depths of defeat and depression.

   One fine Sunday, outside the Stuttgart Bavarian Church there were a few people holding signs.  One said, “Choose Life Not War“.  Another says, “Jews Have A Right To Life, Too”.  The protesters had let Pastor Dieter know beforehand that they would be holding a vigil in front of his church on Sunday.  During that Sunday service Pastor Dieter acknowledged from the pulpit that there were people outside protesting against war and that his flock should respect their right to protest and be kind to them.  He went on to explain that while he was against war he did not agree with the protesters.  He warned that the Bible tells Christians to support their leaders.  He cited chapter 32 of the Old Testament Book of Numbers where some Israelites didn’t want to wipe out their enemies when God told them to do so.  He further explained that the New Testament Book of Romans, Chapter 13 admonishes Christians to submit to their civil leaders.

   Outside, one angry Stuttgart Bavarian Church member approached two of the protestors holding a large sign stating:  “CHOOSE LIFE NOT WAR“.  He demands to know if the protesters are members of the church.  One of the protesters tells him that he is a member of the church.  The agitated man proceeds to tell them to read the Bible and questions their Christianity.  Prior to the appearance of the upset man, another church member has approached and is quietly discussing the issue with the other protestor.

   Later that week, a member of the Stuttgart Bavarian Church is approached by his Jewish neighbor, Isaac.  Isaac is concerned for his children because of the new policies being instituted  against Jews by the elected government.  He asks his neighbor to help protect his children.  What should the Stuttgart Bavarian Church member and Bible-believing, born again Christian’s response be:


A.     I think the policies of the government are wrong, but our pastor warned us that in Romans 13, we Christians are commanded to submit to our leaders who are placed there by God.  And since I am a Christian, I would like to help you, but I can’t.?




B.      As a Christian, Jesus has commanded me to love my neighbor as my self.  I know your children are precious in your sight, Isaac, and I would be more than glad to do whatever I can to help save your children.



Let’s fast forward for the rest of the story.

   It’s not 1933 anymore; it’s 2003 in the United States.  The above parable was prompted because of a similar vigil held at my Bible believing church and the responses from members.  The names have been changed just to confuse the issue.

Today, everyone has been told thousands of times by the media and our government that Saddam Hussein and Muslims are the enemy.  In fact, Saddam Hussein has been declared a modern day Hitler:  all the more reason to get rid of him we are told.  Don’t think about the million Christians in Iraq and the remaining millions of innocent Iraqi civilians who will be in harms way if the US starts a war there.  Also, disregard the fact that in the 1980s the United States was supplying war materials and training to Saddam Hussein and his Iraqi army in their war against Iran.  Maybe, if the US hadn’t taken sides then, the Iranians may have neutralized Saddam Hussein.  That way, the United States would have had to create another enemy.

Points to Ponder:

  1. The United States is a republic with a Constitution that only gives the Congress the power to declare war.  Do Christians have a responsibility to hold their elected officials accountable?
  1. When the head of a government has the power to start wars he is more appropriately called an Emperor not a President.  Should Christians care what form of government we have?
  1. There have been a string of US Presidents (both Democrat and Republican) who have declared war with the Congress giving up their power.  God judges individuals.  Does He judge nations on what they do?

   To me, “CHOOSE LIFE NOT WAR” still sounds reasonable since there is no real evidence that Iraq is poised to attack the US (the only Constitutional reason to declare war).  Starting a war against Iraq may give them reason to initiate acts of terror in the US.

   But what do I know about the big picture?  ‘Is there anything good on TV tonight, Matilda?


Gehrhart Gesundheit
(nom de plume used so no one needs to be held accountable)

by Tom Compton