Our Prayer: That You, Pastor, Will Cancel This CUFI Event

To: Senior Pastor Timothy Su and other Pastors and Leaders of South Bay Agape Christian Church

From: We Hold These Truths

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are saddened to learn that your fellowship is hosting a Christians United For Israel (CUFI) “Standing With Israel” event on Sunday, August 30th.

CUFI presents itself as a “Christian” organization, but is nothing more than a lobbying arm for the State of Israel. It’s founder, John Hagee, is on record for praying for war. He also believes in a “dual-covenant” theology, whereby Jews do not have to believe in Jesus to be saved.


We Hold These Truths is an organization whose mission is to awaken the Evangelical Church to the dangers of Zionism and specifically the branch known as Christian Zionism.

We will be outside of your church on the public sidewalk conducting a peaceful vigil during the CUFI presentation. It is our hope and prayer that you will cancel this CUFI event.

On your “Who We Are” web page you state: “We are committed to accurate biblical teaching and encountering God personally”.

Christian Zionism does NOT look like Jesus and is incompatible with His teachings: “Blessed are the Peacemakers”, “Do good to those that persecute you”, “My kingdom is not of this world”, “Blessed are the merciful”….

If you research the roots of Christian Zionism (we have many articles and links on our web site to help you), you will find that Christian Zionism is built upon a faulty Biblical hermeneutic, or interpretation of scripture, that does NOT represent the historic teachings of the Christian Church. Christian Zionism supports the confiscation of land by brute force, dispossessing people groups, supporting wars, deceptions, frauds, and murder of innocents  – which does NOT represent Jesus!!!

We would welcome any dialog that you would like to have with us during this vigil, or before the vigil through email. We also are brothers and sisters in Christ and our desire is “to seek peace and pursue it”, 1Peter 3:11.

In Christ’s Love,

Craig Hanson for
We Hold These Truths


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December 1st, 2015

Personally I regard this form of protset as a mistake tactically, and wrong on principle. Tactically it is a mistake because it just gives the congregation members the impression that Palestinian supporters are unhinged fanatics. It will not win their sympathy or support (the chances of that are extremely remote). I think that it is wrong on principle because people surely have the right to listen to their Pastor giving a sermon without it being interrupted. I would not have any qualms about security or the police being called upon to evict a Zionist trying to interrupt a meeting about the reality of the occupation. I think we need to be consistent in terms of what we believe to be right or wrong in order to maintain some credibility.What is truly disappointing is that the Churchs in America are siding with oppression in the name of the Second Coming and universal salvation, and managing to completely ignore the central message of Jesus’s teachings which was one of love and compassion. How can they misconstrue his message in such an extraordinary manner?I appreciated it when Obama said that the Sermon on the Mount was too radical for most Americans. He was challenging Americans who purport to be Christian to think about the true implications of the teachings to which they claim to subscribe.