Oil for the Taking -The Secret War in Sudan – Part II

Lies and “Damn Lies”

Baroness Caroline Cox wears holy robes when she steals into Sudan. She is there to help a very powerful someone commandeer its oil. But for whom? To get to that answer, we must first question several misconceptions that stand in the way. They are:

1. Is slavery practiced in Sudan, as we are told almost daily?

2. Are persons being killed, starved and maimed simply because they are “Christians”, as we are told by celebrity Christians?

3. Are 700,000 Chinese soldiers really massed in the desert for an attack on an innocent Christian population, as we were told?

4. Does Sudan have enough oil to beneficially effect world oil prices, and if so why has the news of new oil production been muffled so that few have heard of it?

Most of these misconceptions have been carefully examined in our detailed study on Sudan,

“Missionaries, Mercenaries, Missiles & Money”. We urge you to read it.

Baroness Caroline Cox is a British aristocrat through and through. She is also one of the apparent inventors of the idea of the modern “slave trade” in Sudan. She claims to have purchased the freedom of thousands of slaves from Arab slave traders. Her stories, while containing a minute kernel of truth, are lies that kill. Her statements are used to foment international war against Sudan, just as the issue of slavery was used a century ago in Sudan. So repugnant is the idea of slavery to most of us, that we are naturally inclined to relish the idea of destroying any government that might encourage it by any means available and at any cost–even at the cost of many lives.

Lady Cox?s alleged slave purchases have been thoroughly debunked as fraudulent by many sources. One that does an excellent job is called “Prejudiced and Discredited: Christian Solidarity International,” by The European Sudanese Public Affairs Council, which is admittedly pro-Sudanese, but which cites many valid authorities. The best test of Caroline Cox’s lack of veracity lies in the illogic of her claims. The latest example is her endorsement of the 700,000 Chinese soldier story. Her propaganda program urges the U.S. Congress to declare a “no-fly” zone over Sudan–an act of war, and she is not even an American citizen. Her technique is to incite the American people against the Muslims of Sudan. She is no less than a British House of Lords mercenary posing as a missionary, and she is defiling Christs name with sordid and deliberate lies that kill.

Caroline Cox’s motives were once a puzzle, but now it is evident that Sudan?s oil is firing the greed of those who seek to destroy the stability of the Sudanese government in order to get it. She herself has brought the oil issue to the forefront by promoting the Chinese fraud. As we stated, someone covets Sudan’s oil, and Cox is the propaganda agent helping to deliver it. But before the country can be divided into North and South, the Black Muslim Government of Sudan must be destroyed. Americans are not being told that the people of Sudan will also be destroyed, as they were when the British, under General Kerchner, destroyed the Government in 1898.

Dozens of mail-order missionaries and Celebrity Christians who follow this perfidious queen of the forked-tongue are simply in it for the money. Some whom this reporter has interviewed clearly believe their own stories, and some do not; some see through their own lies and tell them anyway, and avoid interviews with people who suspect them. This includes a publicity director for Christian Solidarity International, who ended an interview when this writer would not assure him his report would be favorable to CSI.

To most Americans, Sudan is a remote and seemingly insignificant country in North Central Africa, known as sub-Sahara. But Sudan is constantly in the news, and invariably with a negative connotation. Deja News shows 2,209 news stories about Sudan, mostly having to do with claims of slavery and Christian persecution. Sudan is a country that hardly has a press of its own and has a gross annual income of about $500.00 per capita; less than one American in 100,000 will ever visit Sudan. And neither Caroline Cox nor any of the hundreds of Celebrity Christian leaders who claim to go there, and who lead the cry for US war on Sudan, have ever gotten a visa or tried to visit the country legally. Every mail-order missionary we know of, including Caroline Cox, sneaks into the war zone across an international border, usually Kenya.

Harry Truman said, “there are lies, and there are damn lies.” He meant that we get used to the ordinary lies that people tell. What surprise us are the huge and malignant lies that are designed to deceive, with a mean objective in mind. A “damn lie” to President Truman meant one designed to kill and destroy; Truman should have known, for he probably told a few himself. Sudan has been the victim of many “damn lies”. We need to know who is trying to fool us and why.

Let us examine some of the tall tales told about Sudan. Regarding a Chinese Army in Sudan, the figure of 700,000 contains just a grain of truth, but the exaggeration is so enormous as to be impossible. The U.S. State Department responded to the report by noting that the entire Gulf War occupation numbered only about 350,000, including all the countries involved. The spokesman stated that even the reports of “tens of thousands” of soldiers was greatly exaggerated and “would be easily detected.” Such a gigantic troop movement would require from 3,500 to 10,000 or more airplane sorties, depending upon equipment and supplies–an impossible task for either China or Sudan. Such an army could stand along the 1,000-mile Sudanese pipeline and, by extending their arms, they could probably touch each other for the whole way! Even if China could transport such a force to Sudan, undetected by satellite surveillance that count the mud huts, it is doubtful that the Government of Sudan could feed them. The story is more than a lie; it is a preposterous lie.

But for Baroness Cox, who was quoted in the London Telegraph story, and who is probably behind planting the story in the Telegraph, this kind of yarn is an everyday event. Carolyn Cox has a history of feeding outrageous quotes to the international press. The British Press has a record of printing what she says, probably because of her royalty status in England. It is this writers guess that she or one of her colleagues planted the story in the Telegraph in the first place, and she just happened to be called for an interview. Regardless of who started the lie, it is a big one. Both its inventor and its facilitators are “damn liars” in the vernacular of Mr. Truman.

China does have a presence in Sudan, and probably has some military personnel there. China has an investment to protect in Sudan. Its government controlled (China Nation Petroleum Company) is a partner in the presently producing Heglig and Kaikang oilfields near the town of Bentiu on the White Nile River, some 500 miles southwest of Khartoum. China is a major financier in the newly-constructed multi-billion-dollar pipeline that carries crude oil about 1,100 miles to Port Sudan on the Red Sea. This pipeline began limited operation in August 1999, and was sabotaged by bombing in September 1999. It has since been bombed or sabotaged no less than three times. China, as a major owner, has an interest in the security of the pipeline and field, and it is logical that some security forces are present.

The insurgent army is commonly referred to as the Sudan People?s Liberation Army (SPLA), commanded by U.S.-educated Sudanese, John Garang, who was at one time an admitted Communist. Garang claims to have changed his affiliation, but not the name of his organization. Garang?s ragtag “army” has established district governors in captured territory. Some of the territory he intermittently controls is within a few miles of the producing oil fields. Garang has stated his intention to capture the new billion-plus-dollar pipeline and stop oil production. The Sudanese and Chinese have contrary interests.

China has been involved in the Sudan project since 1996 through an initial agreement with Arakis. It became a major partner in financing the pipeline only after the U.S. sanctions were imposed on the Sudan in December 1998, by the Clinton Administration. The result of President Clinton?s act was to destroy the creditworthiness of, Arakis Energy, a Canadian junior mining company. Arakis was forced to sell, and its successor was Talisman Energy Inc., a large Canadian independent. Sudan defied the U.S. sanctions and put together financing from European and Canadian companies and third world, energy hungry countries to build the pipeline and commence production. They funded and built what appeared to be an impossible pipeline in an active war zone.

The active objective of the campaign against Sudan is to destroy its government and steal the coveted oil wealth that promises to make it independent. Caroline Cox and a host of mail-order missionaries have long claimed their campaign is to overthrow the Government of Sudan in order to protect Christians from Islamic persecution. Some may believe this, but the story has now sprung a serious leak, since the news of Sudans oil sales has attracted worldwide attention.

Part III will discuss the role of American mail order missionaries and mainline churches in financing revolution. We will discuss the unwitting dupes, the hungry opportunists and the few willful activists who probably know they are bringing war and death to black Sudanese.

“Heads Up!”