Obama or Romney; The Banker Fraternity’s Choice for Serial Warrior?

Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, who came out of his den on August 24th, proclaiming he and his allies at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York can and will, in its own time, provide “stimulus” to help the economy. The Banker Fraternity wants another Quantitative Easing, meaning electronic printing of dollars, maybe even a thousand billion new dollars, which would enter our economy, not at the food stamp or public works level, but at the bankers’ level.

The question has always been, not will they, but when will they “stimulate.” This writer does not want to be an economist, and this letter is not a departure from our norm. War is the issue…the monetary expansion is necessary to support a war-based economy. Either the Banking Fraternity must stop printing money, or stop starting wars. There is no choice for industries that prosper on war, and who must face the terrible threat of peace. Mr Bernanke, who acts like the god of the printing press is, like every Chairman of the FED, a front man for the Banking Fraternity. It is his job to justify what he is told to do…he is not the “decider,” as G. W. Bush once incorrectly called himself, for he too, was a front man. We can do little to change, but we can determine who the “Banking Fraternity” wants in office by observing the timing and the attendant rhetoric invented by Mr. Bernanke to justify the decisions he is about to carry out.

It must also be noted the “Banking Fraternity” is synonymous with the Warmaker Lobby, the Neo-Conservative, and the Military Industrial Complex, to name a few. Someone wrote, “war is the bankers payday.” We try to constantly remind our readers that it is our job to survive in a war-based economy so we might have a hand in ending it, and if we are not worried about ending it for our children’s’ sake maybe we can see our way to honor Jesus, He being called the Prince of Peace by 250 million of us.

Sadly, the globe today can be broken down into three groups of countries. First, the Conquers, notably the USA and its twin tails that wag us, Great Briton and Israel; second, we find the list of victims and potential victims who have been or will be conquered, the most important of these being Japan and Germany, the first to be destroyed, and Iran, next on the list; finally there are all the countries thought not worth destroying.

The venerable London Financial Times quoted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as saying something quite unique for any world class politician. As the Times put it, “She renewed her attack on markets for their role in stoking Europe’s financial crisis, saying the challenge for policy makers is to woo voters to support cutting debt levels to escape the sights of investors.”

Mrs. Merkel goes on to tell some of her voters they must be the ones to demand frugal government, and that the bankers never will, and are always the enemies of the people, campaigning for debt, which debt is pumped into the system so the “markets” can drain it off for personal gain. Merkel knows, and in this one beer garden speech she told the few.

Financial Times further quoted Merkel: “speaking at an event organized by the Bavarian Christian Social Union party, (she) said that in the last five years, markets haven’t served the people, allowing a few to get rich at the expense of the many. Markets can’t be allowed to destroy the fruits of people’s labor and governments can’t be put at their mercy through excess debt,” Further<
“The real question about our democracy is: Can we in Germany and in Europe win elections when we jointly stand up for solid finances, when we don’t always spend more than we take in?” Merkel said

The Republican Convention ended with a bellicose statement near the end of Mitt Romney’s carefully rehearsed speech in which he pronounced his total willingness to carry out the Warmaker’s agenda, if elected. Romney hit upon Iran, and even swung his jaw in the direction of our old Cold War enemy, Russia.

Fortunately, Romney spoke after Clint Eastwood delivered a rare moment of truth when he made a clear forceful and logical for-peace statement in his uncensored pantomime. We are providing a link to remind you, the idea of peace is not dead, even in Hollywood. Thank you, Clint Eastwood, but I warn readers, Mr. Eastwood can be and was crude when making a point.1

Now its the Democrats Convention. President Obama campaigned on a pro-peace platform four years ago and many believed him. But he delivered only scraps of peace, being surrounded from day one by the same Banker Fraternity that occupied all positions of power in the Bush Administration. It remains to be seen how Obama will manage a change from peacemaker to Warmaker, if he wants the support of the Banker’s Fraternity. Sorry to say, politicians do this all the time. We can not know the private deals that go on in the political world where money is no longer any obstacle. But we can know who the Banking Fraternity wants in office in 2013, and that is worth knowing.

On September 11, or soon thereafter, Ben Bernanke will announce when and how much the new “stimulus” will be injected into the economy like crystals of Meth under the tongue. If the amount is huge and the date is imminent, such as “we started yesterday,” this will signal that the fix is on for Obama to return to the White House. A rocketing stock market is the President’s only hope for reelection…his “see, we have done it” moment.

But if Mr. Bernanke announces a delay, say until after the election, perhaps with words like “we have the tools, but we are giving Congress and the President their chance to do their job first,” then you can count on an instant stock market bust, and only Romney can win in November. Either way, the Banking Fraternity expects the survivor to carry out its will for an attack on Iran. Only you and I can stop it.

The only permanent source of hope must come, not from those who thrive on war, but from those who pay for it. Peace will require an uprising among the American people, and against every war, including the proxy war by Israel upon the Philistines. And this uprising for justice must involve the American Churches.
1 Clint Eastwood on Peace (minutes 0-6 please) video