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Strategically timed Syrian massacre

Stephen Lendman Jul 18, 2012

By Stephen Lendman
Published in Press TV,

Western accounts [of developments inside Syria] are entirely fabricated. They\'re bald-faced lies. Media scoundrels regurgitate them. They\'re complicit in Washington\'s rage for war. Attacking Syria could happen any time."

Editor CE adds: Mr. Lendman is a valid, American source, we know this from reading his blog, so we to not hesitate to post his story in full,  We suggest you read it for yourself.  
Another World is Possible 

I agree with Mr Lendman that the US propaganda  is pointing toward military action against the small state of Syria with no good reason.  The State Dept has all but reprinted its false claims made against Iraq in 1990, "Weapons of Mass Destruction."
Our own story:
Iraq: Americans Prepped for “War” was written on the day after Christmas, 1991, making the Serial Wars of America\'s 22 year and counting war on Islam.

House Ag Committee Drafts Farm Bill

Corn and Soybean Digest Jul 12, 2012

"However, after July 11, the House has only 18 legislative days available for floor debate before the 2008 law expires on Sept 30. Analysts see low odds for enactment of a new law on time. Even if the House passes a farm bill in September, that bill must still be reconciled with the Senate bill and there may be contentious debate over food aid cuts among other things."

Taxpayers Pay for Agribusiness' Crop Insurance

Drovers Cattle Network Jun 5, 2012

EditorCE: The price of food is at stake.  As Congress contemplates burning more corn to make more ethanol, we learn that the Agribusiness large and small do not even risk the weather, for the taxpayers have been picking up the cost of insuring their crops against natural loss.  Does the government pay for your homeowners\' insurgence and your auto policy?  What is the difference?  The answer is; No Farm Bill...let it expire.  No Ethanol mandates...repeal the law!  Then go home, Mr. Congressman, and stay there!

Drovers Cattle Network reports: "Agriculture has a bad taste in its mouth for the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the Washington lobbying organization that several years ago published USDA’s list of farmers and the amount of money they each received in farm program payments.  EWG has been overtly working to eliminate direct payments, which are subsequently not being considered by either the House or the Senate to be included in the next Farm Bill.  And with that apparent victory the next target is crop insurance,.."

The Environmental Working Group has partially released the USDA’s data on crop insurance policies and the amount of subsidy in each, but was not given the identities of the recipients because of an Act of Congress.  Railing against the Congressional decision, the EWG alleges that farmers with crop insurance “enjoy extraordinarily costly federal perks in the form of premium subsidies.”  EWG says, “U.S. taxpayers pick up an average of about 62 percent of the crop insurance premiums for farm businesses. Their share of these premiums has soared from $1.5 billion in 2002 to $7.4 billion in 2011. The subsidies go to large operators with no conservation strings attached to protect water and soil, no means testing, and no payment limit on how much a farm business can collect.”

Enzi pushes for consideration of 2012 farm bill (push back!)

Drover Cattle Network May 23, 2012

  Editor CE:  Do not buy the need for a new "Farm Bill."  Farm bill means more subsidies and mandates to buy and burn more Ethanol.  Please write to or call your congressman and tell him "No" to all subsidies for farm interests.  These only raise your food costs.    See our posted story, how ethanol destroys many auto engines and and may even wreck your lawn mower.  Search this website for "ethanol +food"

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., joined 43 of his Senate colleagues in sending abipartisan letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kent., urging them to schedule consideration of the Agricultural Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012.

Israel’s Drone Dominance

Salon May 22, 2012

If you want to know how drones will change America, look to the Jewish State -- where they\'re already widespread. Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is perhaps the only foreign-owned company with FAA permission to fly a drone in U.S. airspace. Based in the town of Columbus, not far from Mississippi State University, Stark is a subsidiary of the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries — not that you could tell from looking at the company’s website, executive leadership or affiliations. You have to go to the Mississippi secretary of state website to learn that two of Stark’s three directors are Israelis.

Now, as the Arab media and Western reporters such as Scott Wilson of the Washington Post have reported, the Israeli Defense Force uses fleets of constantly hovering drones to intimidate and control the Arab population in the Gaza Strip.  (The residents call these drones “zenana,” which both sounds like the aircraft’s distinctive buzz and is Arabic slang for a nagging wife.) The IDF regularly uses drones for targeted assassinations of suspected militants, saying the drones enable them to use “precision strikes” to avoid hurting civilians. Yet as Human Rights Watch has 
documented, the drone strikes during the Gaza War killed scores of children who were nowhere near armed combatants.

Warranties void on cars burning E15, say automakers

Consumer Reports May 22, 2012

In response to the release of the labels, nine automakers—including Chrysler, General Motors, and Toyota—wasted no time writing letters to Congress criticizing the proposal and noting that they will not honor warranties for older cars running on E15. The automakers say they are concerned about the effects of E15 on engines, fuel pumps, and other fuel-system components in cars that were not designed for it. (Learn more about ethanol: "The great ethanol debate.")

Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike

The Guardian, London May 15, 2012

Two, who had been on hunger strike for 77 days, were believed to be close to death, and six others were in a critical condition.

The IPS said that 1,550 prisoners were taking part in the protest under medical supervision, and that no life had been in danger.

Iran hangs "Mossad agent'' for Scientist Killing

Reuters May 15, 2012

(Reuters) - Iran has hanged a man it said was an agent for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad whom it convicted of killing one of its nuclear scientists in 2010, Iranian state media reported on Tuesday.

Power structure in Israel Split over Shrill Israeli Rhetoric on Iran

CO Progressive Jewish News, Rob Prince May 9, 2012

An open clash between high ranking Israelis at a major meeting in New York City gives ample evidence of a growing  divide in Israel over attacking Iran. One result is that it will be less likely that Israel, as a divided nation, would `surprise’ the Obama Administration by unilaterally attacking Iran.

Gold Cliff

May 8, 2012

Gold is grinding out a wall of worry that began construction out of a natural unwinding of the momentum that came in during the acute phase of the Euro crisis. More bricks were added weekly by various luminaries calling bearish; the most recent being Buffett’s right hand man, Charlie Munger: “Gold is a great thing to sew into your garments if you’re a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939 but civilized people don’t buy gold – they invest in productive businesses.”

Bernanke Says ‘Prepared to Do More’ as Policy Unchanged

Bloomberg News May 8, 2012

April 25: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the central bank stands ready to add to its stimulus if necessary even after leaving its policy unchanged today and upgrading its view of the economy for this year.

“We remain prepared to do more as needed to make sure that this recovery continues and that inflation stays close to target,” he said at a press conference today following a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee in Washington. Additional bond-buying is still “very much on the table.”

(Death of the Euro) Greek Leaders Given Bailout Ultimatum as Syriza Begins Talks

Bloomberg News May 8, 2012

Greek Leaders Given Bailout Ultimatum as Syriza Begins Talks

By Maria Petrakis and Natalie Weeks - May 8, 2012 3:00 PM MT

Alexis Tsipras of Greece’s Syriza party squared off with political leaders before talks on forming a coalition, handing them an ultimatum to renounce support for the European Union-led rescue if they want to enter government.

Tsipras said he expected Antonis Samaras of New Democracy and Evangelos Venizelos, the former finance minister who leads the Pasok party, to send a letter to the EU revoking their written pledges to implement austerity measures by the time he meets them today to discuss a government alliance. Samaras and Venizelos rejected the request. Samaras said he was being asked “to put my signature to the destruction of Greece.”

“He interprets, with unbelievable arrogance, the election result as a mandate to drag the country into chaos,” Samaras said late yesterday in televised remarks. “I hope Mr Tsipras will have come to his senses by the time we meet.” Tsipras is due to meet with political leaders from about 5 p.m. in Athens.

The stand-off since the inconclusive May 6 election has reignited European concerns over Greece’s ability to hold to the terms of its two bailouts negotiated since May 2010. With Parliament split and policy makers in Berlin and Brussels urging Greece to stay the course, the country at the epicenter of the debt crisis is again facing the risk of an exit from the euro.

‘Huge’ Repercussions

The repercussions are “potentially huge,” said Gillian Edgeworth, a London-based economist at UniCredit. “The chances of Spain needing official aid would increase, with implications for spillover to others.”

The risk of Greece leaving the euro by the end of 2013 has risen to as high as 75 percent, Citigroup Inc. said May 7.

Greek stocks sank to their lowest level in about two decades yesterday amid the political instability. The benchmark ASE Stock index fell 3.6 percent to 620.54 at the close in Athens, its lowest since November 1992. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index slid 1.7 percent. The euro fell 0.3 percent to $1.3007.

Tsipras said he aimed to link up with parties in a government that would nationalize banks, place a moratorium on debt payments and cancel the bailout and measures such as labor reforms and pension cuts.

International creditors urged Greek leaders to hold to the agreed terms of their EU-International Monetary Fund bailouts.

Code Pink Challenges John Brennan on US Drone Strikes

Medea Benjamin May 2, 2012

Editor\'s note:  Here\'s a creative way to challenge the insane and inhumane policies of the U.S. government.  Our hats off to Medea Benjamin.  We Hold These Truths joined in with Medea Benjamin at Occupy AIPAC in March.  See our story:  "AIPAC Presses for War; Christian Zionists Have the Votes."  

Medea Benjamin, one of the founders of Code Pink and the Occupy AIPAC event has challenged President Obama on the use of drones for "remote control kiling."

On anniversary of Gaza war, we will remember IDF soldiers who destroyed Palestinian families

Amira Hass, Haaretz Israel May 1, 2012

While Yoav Galant\'s name is most prominently mentioned in the context of the third anniversary of Operation Cast Lead, we must recall the other, nameless soldiers, guided by the spirit of the army\'s top brass

The Israel Govt. Doesn't Want You To Learn About The Plight of Christians In the Holy Land

CBS Apr 22, 2012

Editors note:  When will the millions of Christian tourist who go to the Holy Land learn what is happening to their Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters in Christ..  Will the holy sites become Israeli museums?

Bob Simon of CBS "60 Minutes" reports that "The exodus from the Holy Land of Palestinian Christians could eventually leave holy cities like Jerusalem and Bethlehem without a local Christian population." The Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, tried to stop the production of this important news story.  

Bob Simen Interview with Israel Ambassor to the United States, Michael Oren:

Utah Law Makes Coins Worth Their Weight in Gold (or Silver)

NY Times Apr 20, 2012

EditorCE:  Great Idea, but I read the first four pages (of 44) and seem to have found a fatal flaw.  The bill seems to be meaningless because it only applies to coins issued by the US government.  It is simply not applicable to bullion, or coins issued by a private mint. In order to apply the law to the latter it must have a legal ruling by a "Court of competent Jurisdiction" whatever that means.  So where is the elected Attorney General when he is needed?  New legislation normally flies on his ruling, so it appears he (whoever cheap politician he is) has dodged his duty.  Sorry, it appears Utah does not have the guts to save our failing financial system just yet!  They need to bring Brigham back from his private planet if he is not too busy getting George Romney elected!

One gold bug stated: "One hundred and fifty years ago Congress passed the Legal Tender Act, authorizing the use of paper notes to pay government bills. This week, Utah Governor, Gary Herbert signed into law House Bill157 allowing gold and silver to be used as currency in place of increasingly worthless paper notes. Several states have proposed similar bills but Utah\'s is the first to pass."

New York Times continues bias for Islamists.

Florida Family Association Apr 19, 2012

Editor CE:  This benign look at Muslim woman in the New York Times, is viewed with hatred and revenge by the Florida Family association, who is threatening the times with boycott of its advertisers, and which writes:

"Florida Family Association sent out two alerts regarding the New York Times Islamist bias. Click here to read Floridafamily.org article regarding those prior alerts."  Whoever the Florida family association is, it quotes the most virulent Zionists:
Robert Spencer wrote at Jihadwatch.org regarding Naima’s quote “The problem is that Muslim hardliners consider no non-Muslim to be innocent. And the Qur\'an tells us that "the unbelievers among the People of the Book" -- that is, the Jews and Christians who reject Muhammad and Islam -- are not human beings worthy of respect although they differ from Muslims in conscience, but "the worst of creatures" (Qur\'an 98:6).

Although the New York Times quote from Naima was intended to counter logical public sentiment against Jihadists their news report also dangerously whitewashed the clear and present danger of fundamentalists’ Islamist code and Sharia.

The American values we cherish cannot afford to allow the New York Times to go unopposed in their propagation of Islamist policy."

Editor CE: What incited all this bigoted hatred under the label, Florida Family Association? Read for yourself ladies.  The read qustion is, who is the Florida Famliy Association and why do they want race war in the USA?

Souad Mekhennet’s April 10, 2012article in the New York Times titled “Muslims in France Waiting for the Backlash” pitifully brands Muslims in France as victims after a French-born Muslim slaughtered seven people including three children at a Jewish school.

I've Been Duped

Rick Steve, Travel Guide, NPTV Apr 18, 2012

Editor CE:  This is not a travel promo, a brave man is taking a distinct risk in when he discloses his epiphemy.

Rick Steve, Travel Guru on PBS, reveals,
 I’ve been duped.

"Do you know the frustration you feel when you believed in something strongly and then you realize that the information that made you believe was from a source with an agenda to deceive?

I just watched a powerful and courageous documentary called “Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land.” It certainly has its own agenda and doesn’t present a balanced coverage. Still, it showed me how my understanding of the struggles in the Middle East has been skewed by most of our mainstream media. I saw how coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian problem is brilliantly controlled and shaped. I pride myself in understanding how the media works…and I find I’ve been bamboozled."

Read it all:
From Reflections on Israel and Palestine

Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land

Israel releases Palestinian with end of hunger strike

Arkansas Online Apr 17, 2012

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel expelled a Palestinian prisoner Sunday to the Gaza Strip as part of a compromise deal that persuaded her to end her 43-day hunger strike.

Under the terms of her release, Hana Shalabi, a 30-year-old Islamic Jihad supporter from the West Bank, must remain in the seaside strip for the next three years.

Shalabi went on hunger strike to protest Israel’s policy of “administrative detention,” under which it holds some Palestinian prisoners for months — even years — without charges.

Shalabi launched the strike after being placed in administrative detention on Feb. 16. She ended it on Thursday.

The Israeli prison authority said she was in custody for unspecified terror activity.

40% in many European countries think Israel is waging ‘war of extermination’ against Palestinians

Times of Israel Apr 17, 2012

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is affiliated with Germany’s main opposition Social Democratic Party. According to the Foundation, the study is the “very first to supply comprehensive and comparable data about the extent of prejudice and discrimination against the main target groups in eight selected European countries” — France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal.

Asked if Jews have too much influence in their country, about 70% of Hungarians, 50% of Poles and 20% of Germans agreed. In the Netherlands – whose current foreign minister, Uri Rosenthal, is Jewish – 3.4% strongly agreed and 18 percent somewhat agreed.

Thirty percent of German and 22% of British respondents agreed with the statement that “Jews in general do not care about anything or anyone but their own kind.” In Portugal, that number is even higher, at about 55%, according to the report.

Israel releases Khader Adnan from administrative detention

Times of Israel Apr 17, 2012

Khader Adnan, a security prisoner in Israel who went on a hunger strike for two months earlier this year, was released from administrative detention Tuesday night...Sixty-six days later, he had lost his hair and some 30 kilograms and was close to death. Israel, fearing the repercussions of a death behind bars

Israel warns airlines, deploys forces ahead of Sunday ‘Flytilla’ protest

Times of Israel Apr 17, 2012

EditorCE:  Where did this list come from, who is on it and why are they on it?

"Israel warns airlines, deploys forces ahead of Sunday ‘Flytilla’ protest...
As a first line of defense,
Israeli authorities have distributed a blacklist of undesirables to various airlines with a request that the listed activists be prevented from boarding flights to Israel. To further back up the request Israeli authorities have warned airlines that any activists who make it to the country will be deported at the airline carrier’s expense."

(U.S.)Jews Cast Wary Eye on Evangelicals

Jewish Forward Apr 17, 2012

"Only one in five Jewish Americans holds favorable views of those aligned with the Christian right, a category that includes most of Israel’s evangelical supporters."

The survey, conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and published April 3, asked Jewish respondents to rate the favorability of several religious groups. Mormons received a 47% favorability rating, Muslims 41.4%; the group described as “Christian Right” was viewed in favorable terms by only 20.9% of Jewish Americans. In contrast, the general American population, as shown by other polling data, views evangelicals more favorably than Muslims and Mormons."


IDF officer says regrets beating activist 'in front of cameras'

Haaretz Israel Apr 17, 2012

IDF Lt. Col. Shaul Eisner, who was filmed over the weekend hitting a Danish protester with his rifle butt in the Jordan Valley, personally responded to allegations against him on Tuesday.

Check out the methods of the most moral army in the world (according to Israel):   http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/idf-officer-says-regrets-beating-activist-in-front-of-cameras-1.424919 

Comparing Israel's Conduct in Gaza to U.S. Conduct in Iraq

Jewish Virtual Library Apr 17, 2012

 Israel thinks: Comparing Israel\'s Conduct in Gaza to U.S. Conduct in Iraq

"...the United States left a trail of destruction in Fallujah that was far greater than anything Israel inflicted on Gaza. So there is no basis to claim that Israeli conduct of anti-terrorist warfare is less restrained than that of other enlightened states. "

Egyptian army takes on Islamists to retain power

Yahoo News Apr 6, 2012

"The Brotherhood needs to maintain the gains it has made and they feel the military is pulling the rug from underneath their feet," said a member of parliament for the Brotherhood\'s Freedom and Justice Party. "This is a struggle for power, not a struggle to save the nation, unfortunately," he added.

Palestinian detainee Hana Shalabi ends hunger strike

BBC News Apr 3, 2012

A Palestinian woman being held in detention in Israel, Hana Shalabi, is ending her 43-day hunger strike. The move is part of a deal which will see her exiled to the Gaza Strip.

Editor CE adds:
Israel had previously imprisoned Shalabi for more than two years, but freed her in October in a prisoner swap deal that saw Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit released by Islamist militant group Hamas after spending more than five years in captivity in the Gaza Strip

An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists

Just Peacemaking Initiative, Fuller Seminary Apr 3, 2012

It is overwhelmingly clear that American evangelical-fundamentalist Christian Zionism affects US policy toward Israel and the Palestinians in distressing ways. It is one reason why the United States stands almost alone in the world community in supporting Israeli policies which our international friends generally find intolerable if not immoral and illegal..In Romans 4, Paul says that by faith non-Jews become Abraham’s descendants too: “The purpose was to make him the ancestor of all who believe” (Rom 4:11)

Britain Diverts War funds to Stimulate Economy

Press TV Mar 22, 2012

EditorCE:  What a novel idea for a politican, save war dollars to spend at home on jobs.

Press TV:
Britain has diverted the money once earmarked for its war and occupation of Afghanistan to funding tax cuts in a desperate attempt to stimulate its sagging economy.

A Treasury official said the cash would pay for tax cuts, part of plans to stimulate Britain\'s sagging economy.

The current parliament ends in 2015 and Britain has long said it would withdraw the bulk of its 9,500 troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

Israel Threatens to (imprison and)Deport South Sudanese

Yahoo News Mar 22, 2012

EditorCE: It has been revealed that Israel was a primary supplier of arms to the "rebels" who eventfully became the government of South Sudan.  These factions have again expanded into North Sudan displaced more tribes.  But Israel refuses entry of tribesmen from South Sudan and Nubia.

The Real News reported on January 9: "Israel is racing to complete a 230-kilometer (150-mile) fence along its border with Egypt. The government is also preparing to build a detention center that will hold up to 11,000 migrants, to open in coming months.
On January 11th the Israeli parliament passed an amendment to the so- called “Infiltrators Law”. This revision allows the authorities to automatically imprison asylum seekers for three years. The plan includes constructing a 10,000 person jail to house the refugees. According to Amnesty International, this puts Israel at the top of the Western World for length of imprisonment of refugees. Today Israel is home to nearly 50,000 asylum seekers from Africa, 85% of whom are from Eritrea and Sudan."

Real News Film showing Israel\'s abuse of Black Sudanese refugees: 

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