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The Arab Swede “Terrorist” from Guantanamo, and Israel's Call to Bomb Iran

Charles E. Carlson Jul 24, 2012

Will the anti-Zionists in Israel accept this contrived attack…that is the question, for some of them might get hurt? The most irrational call for war from America will come not from neo-cons like john Bolton, who nudge things along at a high level an bombard the willing press, but from millions of Christian Zionists who also need another war to make their prophetic religious rite of death take place in Israel. They will cheer on the irrational call for bombing until their death wish is exposed. Americans for peace, religious or otherwise, are growing in number, and they must finally speak out out to save not only Iran, but our own economy of plenty.

Charles E. (Chuck) Carlson is a pro-peace activist, a former Denver and Phoenix businessman, and is grandfather of six. Chuck was a Baptist Deacon before learning he was raising his family in a war based economy and that the next conflict was only a election away. He also learned that most churches fail to teach Jesus\' call for peace. With the help of several close friends, Carlson organized We Hold These Truths (whtt.org) in 1996, and phased out his business interests thereafter. A new generation website is under construction.

Do Not Fear Drought, Fear Your Unsupervised Congressman and The Corn Lobby

Charles E Carlson Jul 12, 2012

Help Kill The Farm Bill
While weather threatens to reduce vital food crops, the forced production and forced  consumption of Ethanol grinds on, consuming up to 35% of all the corn produced in the USA.  This is the cause of the pending world food shortage,as we predicted in 2007.  We told you all about it in our, Help Kill The Farm Bill, July 8, and a series of papers about ethanol predicting food shortages in 2007, called.
Corn-to-Ethanol: US Agribusiness Magic Path To A World Food Monopoly

Help Kill the Farm Bill,

Charles E. Carlson Jul 8, 2012

 Win One For Your Family

Not one ethanol plant burns ethanol to make ethanol; that would burn more than it would make. Most burn lots of natural gas. No farmers I have ever heard of burn ethanol in their tractors and trucks… they burn diesel fuel (a hydrocarbon) to make ethanol as a hydrocarbon substitute, because they all know what the bootlegger knows… ethanol is a lousy fuel.

It is time to stop reading and start calling!

Banks, Generals, & Churches are Stealing Egyptian Revolution, Part I: Egypt’s Mysterious Central Bank

Charles E. Carlson Jun 27, 2012

Let us pray for our own benefit that those who lead the revolution in Egypt, and we suspect the Muslim Brotherhood is a large part of it, will use their power to end Central Bank control.  Without this, a representative government cannot long succeed. Maybe Americans will someday follow suit.- end
Next time: Part II: The role of some, but not all, churches in destroying Egypt and neighboring Gaza

Farm Bill & Ethanol Fuels Mandates Demands Consumer Revolt

Charles E. Carlson May 29, 2012

If you have never called your congressman, this is the time to start, and act mad!
The Farm Bill and Ethanol Mandates are two fingers on the same hand.  Both have the effect of radically elevating food prices by different paths.  Both programs are now being quietly debated in Congress, and only the lobbyists are being heard...you are not. 

The Error of Replacement Theology

Clarence H. Wagner, Jr. May 23, 2012

 How Do Replacement Theologians Argue Their Case? They Say:

0. To be a son of Abraham is to have faith in Jesus Christ. For them, Galatians 3:29 shows that sonship to Abraham is seen only in spiritual, not national terms: "And if you be Christ\'s, then you are Abraham\'s seed, and heirs according to the promise."

Rebuttal: While this is a wonderful inclusionary promise for Gentiles, this verse does not exclude the Jewish people from their original covenant, promise and blessing as the natural seed of Abraham. This verse simply joins us Gentile Christians to what God had already started with Israel.


Latest Weapon Against Israel: Palestinian Christianity

Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram May 22, 2012

Editor CE: What Messianic Christians claim to believe,
Critics of Christ At The Checkpoint Conference.

"The Messianic Jewish community in Israel has just experienced a searing and wrenching event as we watched live streaming of Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem hosting an incredibly sophisticated attack against the existence of Israel."..."But what is the big deal with a conference in Bethlehem attended by 600 people? The danger is that strident anti-Israel, anti-Semitism, cloaked in the “love of God for our enemies (i.e. Jews)” is so beautifully wrapped in churchy language that many Evangelicals in the West could be (and sadly probably will be) deceived and hoodwinked into believing that the Church has replaced Israel and that the state of Israel has caused the Palestinians incalculable injury and injustice"...."By putting on sheep’s clothing, the Palestinian Christians can do far more damage to the people of Israel than even Muslims can. The Christian terminology sounds familiar, the jargon is spiritual, but the end goal is the destruction of Israel. That’s what Replacement theology allows."

"There is no way to compromise with Replacement theology. Replacement theology, no matter who teaches it and who holds it, is the key evil of historical Christianity and it has been the principle motive for the Holocaust and the blood libels and pogroms of history."

First of Bin Laden Letters Reveal Fissures in US Assassination Rationale

Charles E. Carlson May 4, 2012

We have witnessed a strange and ghoulish celebration of the first anniversary of the secret execution and disposal of all physical remains of Osama bin Laden.  Consider for a moment what you are not seeing on CBS, Fox News, or CNN.

Nothing Has Changed In Israel Since 1948

Gideon Levy - Haaretz May 2, 2012

 Editor\'s note:  Only the obvious in Israel is not so obvious in the United States except for a growing number of Americans who are understanding that the policies of the U.S. governments (Republican or Democrat) only give lip service to the plight of the Palestinians who have been under occupation for 64 years.

In Israel, there is a Jewish opposition that speaks out!  The voice of Israeli, Haaretz reporter, Gideon Levy is clear in this article:  "The Attitude of the State [Israel] and its institutions to this act of theft [of Palestinian land] in Samaria sends a single, clear message to Isrelis and the world:  We will never stop this crushin, ultranationlist melody - then as now, in 1948 and in 2012."  Haaretz Article

Operation Cast Lead: It's Zionese for Burning People

Charles E. Carlson Apr 26, 2012

"Zionese" is the unofficial spoken language of the State of Israel. Most Israelis learn and use the Zionese language, but one need not be Jewish to speak it; today it is also the language that’s spoken in many Judeo-Christian and Messianic churches in America, often without church leaders realizing it.

Readers Response: Stealing Easter from Jesus

Charles E. Carlson Apr 13, 2012

Our recent story, Stealing Easter from Jesus, about Jewish Messianic church leaders of largely Christian congregations, has prompted many responses. Some say we are just plain wrong about Jesus and Passover; some from pastors and religious professionals think it needs to be said. 

The Messianic Movement Smuggles Zionism into the Mainline Church

Charles E. Carlson Apr 5, 2012

Stealing Easter from Jesus
The Messianic Movement that is growing inside America’s mainline churches could be called the second generation of what has been called Christian Zionism.  Its leaders are no longer arrogant celebrity types, like John Hagee, who have become an embarrassment to traditional church-goers.  The "Messianic movement" is wooing mainline churches with a velvet glove. 

John Hagee Alleges a Copyright Claim on His Prayer for War

Charles E. Carlson Mar 17, 2012

Reverend John Hagee held hands with Rev. Benny Hinn, praying for war, In the name of Jesus. That is the title of our much watched video on YouTube, produced by Tom Compton at We Hold These Truths. Now, if you go to YouTube to watch it, you’ll be disappointed. You will see this message:   "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by John Hagee Ministries.”*

Vigil for Peace at McLean Mega Church while AIPAC Demands War

Charles E. Carlson Mar 8, 2012

 Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu presented U.S. President Obama with a copy of the book of Esther, a reminder to the President that, according to Hebrew legend, the Persians (today, Iranians) were massacred by the Israelites (called jews in the book of Esther), a massacre that is celebrated as the festival of "Purim" at this time of year.

Vigil for Peace at McLean Mega Church while AIPAC Demands War

Charles E. Carlson Mar 8, 2012

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu presented U.S. President Obama with a copy of the book of Esther, a reminder to the President that, according to Hebrew legend, the Persians (today, Iranians) were massacred by the Israelites (called jews in the book of Esther), a massacre that is celebrated as the festival of "Purim" at this time of year.

AIPAC Presses Congress for War; Zionist Christians Have the Votes

Charles E. Carlson Feb 29, 2012

Money power from above, voting power from below
A look at American Israeli Public Affairs Committee\'s (AIPAC) website, reveals that Israel is selling war at the Washington, DC, Convention Center on the first week in March. 

A second danger to world peace is the Christian Zionist churches that are selling their congregations on the need to finance Israel\'s wars.

Speech clashes with group 'tolerance'

Jewish News, Greater Phoenix Nov 30, -1

Aharon said he was born in Mexico City and raised as a Jew, but became a "Jewish-Christian" in 1998 when presented with "irrefutable evidence" by a Messianic Jew, an individual who describes himself as a Jew who has accepted Jesus as a personal savior.

In his presentation, Aharon stated that the Seven Noahide laws are part of a "conspiracy" by the Jewish people to "control" Christians.

"Yes, there is a movement going towards there ... there is a plot against Christianity, to destroy Christianity in America. And if you call me an anti-Semite, fine," he said.

Aharon implored his listeners to "convert knowledgeable Jews to Christianity. ... We have the opportunities to share Jesus with Jews and non-Jews."

"Approaching Jews with love no longer works," he said. "Instead, Christians need to know their culture and traditions. ... We need to think as Jews. ... We need to know how to deal with them."

We Hold These Truths, according to a pamphlet its supporters handed out at the event has "set as (a) standard the Lord Jesus Christ, as did (the) Forefathers."

Dear Pastor Lon Solomon, McLean Bible Church

Charles E. Carlson Feb 20, 2012

We are coming to McLean Bible because the biggest mission field in American is not the prisons, slums, the homeless, nor is it the growing atheism among college youth, it is the tens of millions who attend churches that teach Christians Zionism in the name of Christianity.  Project Strait Gate is a mission not only to challenge the misled followers who practice this apostate belief, but also to help save millions of potential casualties of war, a few of whom will be are our own children. We ask you to look beyond your success and ask, "am I a tool of the war based economy, teaching Christian Zionism"

Congress Can Lower Our Food and Fuel Cost Immediately

Charles E. Carlson Feb 16, 2012

We all got a valentine from a few members of Congress!.

Those who have fought the corn ethanol racket through education have moved a mountain one inch by embarrassing the cowardly Congress into  allowing subsidies to expire.   Let us now move the mountain a mile!  Kill all Ethanol Mandates and let ethanol compete, if it can, or fade away, if it can not.


Russell Walker P.E. Feb 8, 2012

Congress appears to be responsive to the big agricultural interests with their powerful well-paid lobbyists. Until the food shortage or price situation becomes obvious to all and the public makes its voices heard, just as Congress recently refused to pass additional Internet copyright laws, nothing will change. Considering that this is an election year possibly Congress will be more sympathetic to the gasoline and food using public and not to corn special interests.

When All Else Fails, Look to the Ladies

Charles E. Carlson Feb 5, 2012


CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally, and to redirect our resources into health care, education, green jobs and other life-affirming activities. The name CODEPINK satirized the Bush Administration\'s color-coded, fear-mongering "security" alert system that has since been phased out. CODEPINK is a lively call for the people of the world to "wage peace."
Citizen\'s Arrest: A Simple How-To Guide   More...

Our Chance to End the Corn Ethanol Racket

Charles E. Carlson Jan 14, 2012

The ethanol "Mandates" cost an average family about $5500.00 in the last six years

Try Peace For A Change

Charles E Carlson Dec 29, 2011

We lack the votes or resolve for peace because about half of voting Christians have been captured by the war worshiping cult called Christian Zionism.  Our website teaches about it.  When its grip is broken, as it will be, America will again, Try Peace for a Change.    

The Palestinian Statehood Sham: A Donkey Heads To The Den Of Vipers

Jonathan Azaziah Dec 27, 2011

 Mask of Zion

“To smile when confronted with the most severe oppression, is an act of Resistance rooted in unparalleled beauty.” ~ Jonathan Azaziah

Anders Breivik Declared Insane: Who is Guilty? (Part1)

Charles E Carlson Dec 7, 2011

But why are so many agitating for war on Muslims?  Because since January 1991, Muslims have been the new boogeymen used to justify the war-based economy.  All candidates for President, to a man, with one exception, have echoed a call for war with Iran.  Because only a third of the voting public will stand for war, Americans must first be taught to hate Iranians, and that means hate Muslims.  This cry for war against Muslims was a driving force in Anders Breivik, a 29 year old self-styled crusading "Knight Templar" who believed Muslim immigrants threaten his homeland and his race.  We know this because he wrote a 1500 page suicide note. 

64th Anniversary: War, Ethnic Cleaning Unleashed

William James Martin, Palestine Chronicle Nov 29, 2011

November 29, 1947 was the date the UN passed the Partition Resolution partitioning Palestine, more or less equally, into a Jewish and an Arab state.

In fact, the ethnic cleansing commenced the very next morning when the 75,000 Arab citizens of Haifa were subjected to a campaign of terror jointly by the terrorist group, the Irgun, under Manachem Begin, and the Haganah, the regular militia under David Ben Gurion. 

Messenger's Report at Vigil for Peace with Justice Outside Cornerstone Church, Nashville TN

Charles E Carlson Nov 15, 2011


Whatever Pastor Davis\' history, his present acts are no more violent than those of the pastors of many angry Evangelical churches we have challenged all over the USA.  They are callously blind to thousands, even millions to be killed, maimed and starved in the planned overturning of the Middle East in which they are playing an unwitting part.  Scores of pastors are being used by the professional warmakers as drum beaters, influencing tens of millions of mostly well-meaning Americans to hate Muslims and accept war anywhere there are Muslims.


Dear Pastor Maury Davis

Charles E. Calson Nov 7, 2011

Our friends in Nashville have pointed out to us that you have agreed to host a conference called The Preserving Freedom Conference on the evening of Nov. 11, featuring Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. These speakers are inflammatory, anti-Islamits who engender, if not openly advocate, war in Iran. This program is not about "Shariah" law or "Jihad," as it pretends.  It is about war.

You should know the U.S. is on the brink of attacking Iran.  It does not need "Christians" to throw gasoline on the flame.  One or more hotels canceled the event with good reason, and you picked it up out of the gutter.

Jesus\' church is not a warmaker.  As best I can tell, not a grain of Christianity is presented to the audience at these programs.  Jesus is left out entirely, for the simple reason that He does not fit into a hate agenda.  One of the large signs that will be displayed in front of Cornerstone Church next Sunday will as the question, WHO WOULD JESUS BOMB?  Every child knows the answer.

Face to Face With Angry Evangelicals and Jewish Zionists at “Night To Honor Israel”, Arvada, Colorado

Charles E Carlson Oct 24, 2011

 Zionists from three or more religious groups converged at John Hagee\'s Night To Honor Israel in Arvada Colorado, Sunday October 16.  We say "from" because, when one becomes a Zionist, he leaves behind whatever God-driven faith he may have had before.  At Faith Bible Chapel, Colorado, we met many "Christian" and "Jewish" Zionists; one man claimed to be a Muslim for Israel and against Palestine.  We even met a few Christ followers, whom we tried to convince did not belong there.

Israel's Pending Attack on Iran to Spur War Based Economy, Wikileak Exposes Mexico Farce

Charles E. Carlson Oct 17, 2011

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down.  Warbusiness can only sell one to us gullible consumers for so long, and these two of America\'s longest running wars.  And you Warmakers know the US economy can not be stimulated fast enough by finance infrastructure, like roads and bridges.  However, money can be deployed in a hurry to destroy things, which is why war works best to stimulate a crumbing economy.  Ask yourself, which can be done quicker, break a clock or build one?

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