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Our mission is to rescue followers of Christ from the apostasy called Christian-Zionism.

We reach out to the "lost sheep" inside our churches who do not know they are lost.They will remain lost if they listen only to their apostate religious leaders. Our purpose is to point the ancient way to the "Strait Gate."* Christian-Zionism, by whatever name, is not that path and is purely a political movement. We would turn Christ followers to Peacemakers, away from the evil of warring on behalf of Israel, or for any other foreign state. We humbly believe God must see Christian-Zionism as the vilest apostasy in the 2000 year history of Christianity.

Its sly forerunner goes by the name of Judeo-Christianity, also an oxymoron.

*Strait Gate: Matthew 7:13

WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS was one of the first to write about this problem, and we are still almost alone in executing a proven action program for turning the hearts and minds of men.

Our PROJECT STRAIT GATE calls Christ followers out of the Christian-Zionist churches and deflates the political support for the immorality that we call serial wars.Ours is a rescue operation to persons who call themselves by Christ's name, but who are unknowingly serving Satanic purposes. Project Strait Gate has confronted over 50 mega-church gatherings at their doorsteps, including ones involving Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, John McArthur, Promise Keepers, and the giant Southern Baptist Convention.

(small photo of vigil)

    • ECCLESIA RADIO is a mission outreach of Strait Gate Ministries, an unincorporated Church organized by WHTT Advisors. It has conducted a weekly internet Bible study and devotional services in Phoenix since November 2002 and is open to anyone interested in sacrificially following the New Testament teaching of Jesus Christ.
    • PHARISEE WATCH is WHTTs in-house editorial published weekly and provided free by e-mail subscription.

    • UNHERALDED NEWS is a semi-weekly posting of the most pertinent, sometimes spiked, world news stories of the day with editorial comments.
    • PUBLISHED RESOURCES include special reports, books, audio recordings (tapes, CDs, MP3s) and videos; many of which are the result of speeches and appearances made by our Director and Advisors. WHTT publishes and sells books through our bookstore, and we count on sales to support our mission.

Contributions to Strait Gate Ministries go to its mission outreach. The Strait Gate is the narrow "way" prescribed for followers of Christ in Matthew 7:13.

We believe if we lend our hand to God's winning side of the "might does not equal right" equation that a victory for God is inevitable; it is His turf the Judaized Christian-Zionists have defiled.How can we lose?

WHTT was started by six friends as an all-volunteer educational effort in April 1996. The gold Liberty Bell pins worn by
Advisors are symbolic of these words:

"We Hold These Truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are life

Sad to say, this noble quote from the Declaration of Independence is now routinely taken in vain, as is the now almost abandoned US Constitution. Disregard for human life, a gift from God the Creator, is epidemic in America, even in its churches; this is the history of every superpower nation from the Israelites and Romans to the great, but now departed, British Empire.

The hope is in the horror:

There is hope for recovery because the disease is so obviously wrong it cannot stand the slightest light.Our "mission" is directed not to destroy Judeo-Christianity, for the evil of its mercenary Christian-Zionist leadership will be its own destruction. Our weapons are educational articles that we distribute by mass internet communications and Christ-like confrontations with church leaders and elders to change their thinking.We believe it should be a serious matter for them.We note that Jesus directly confronted the corrupted religious orders of his day.

We have played an important part in exposing this doomsday threat.Many have told us that we ignited a spark of curiosity in their minds.Some churches have collectively reexamined their stance on Israel- and we know how to spread our message on the Internet.We have the message and the method. We now need more volunteers and financial support to fulfill what God has led us to do.

WHTT’s revenue comes from the sale of books, audio recordings and videos, many of which are created by the mission.

Strait Gate Ministries’ source of income is voluntary donations. Regular contributions allow budgeting.(Click Here)

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