Massive Army Deployment is Deliberate Restart of ‘The Cold War’

U.S. troops arriving at the Polish-German border on January 12

Why has the Pentagon used the Christmas Holiday and the US regime change as cover to smuggle some 2000, fighting vehicles and 4000 Colorado-based infantrymen toward the Russian border?  (part 1)

(Photo from FT.Com)  The Financial Times of London reported the arrival of the giant 3rd US Tank Brigade at the German-Polish border on January 12, about the same time President Obama delivered his swan song message of love and peace to the American people.  No mention was made of the movement of this war machine from Ft. Carson, CO, or why, if war is not the intent, it was headed directly toward Russia’s frontiers.  Nor has soon-to-be President Trump mentioned it.  His acts indicate he does not know about it!

The huge size and killing power of this force cannot be exaggerated.  It is variously reported of consisting of 3500-4400 men and some 2000 tanks, armored personal carriers and the like.  Obviously, thousands of additional men will be needed just to deploy so much armor, and we will probably find them being mobilized out of our view.

This huge deployment was largely, if not completely, ignored by both Obama and President-elect Trump, if they indeed knew about it. We are told, has been briefed on such matters since the November 8 election.  Did the Commander-in-Chief know?  This is a  fighting machine is said to be comparable in size to the one moved to Europe during the Berlin Crisis in 1961, but with many times more killing power.  It has been smuggled almost to Russia’s front door while the US Intelligence machine is grinding out propaganda about Russia’s alleged hacking of the Democratic Party’s computers. The injured party, if injured at all, is a private corporation and not even part of government.

It turns out news of this gigantic troop and equipment mobilization was released on November 3, 2016, by Army Public Affairs:  “The Department of the Army announced today the deployment of 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado, with approximately 4,000 soldiers to Europe this winter in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.”

However, the account on Nov. 30 in Colorado Springs’ local Gazette Telegraph, gives us a much better idea of how enormous this war movement is, said to require 37 US trains   1000 railroad cars and an unknown number of ships.  An officer packing up the Brigade described the mammoth task:

“‘With any move, proper packing is the main thing. Getting all those boxes perfectly padded and properly marked is a headache-inducing ritual for anyone who has headed for a new home. Now multiply that headache by 4,400 soldiers and more than 2,800 vehicles, containers and trailers. Throw in a few thousand firearms, and make a lot of those vehicles 72-ton tanks. And add an ocean to cross.

“‘This is something different,’ Lt. Col. John Gilliam said Tuesday as he watched his troops load vehicles on trains as Fort Carson’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team readies for its 9-month deployment to eastern Europe.

“Gilliam commands the brigade’s 1st Battalion of the 66th Armored Regiment and was sweating the details of the largest Fort Carson deployment to Europe since the Cold War. During the 1980s, the Army regularly sent tens of thousands of soldiers to Germany for huge training exercises, but those deployments ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

Your editor adds: The US warmaking machine is indeed hard up for an excuse to attack Russia!  “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights,” wrote Smedley Darlington Butler, a former top-ranking Marine General who died in 1940.  “I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else.  It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.”- CEC:



Paul Hoskins
January 17th, 2017

It reminds one of Cuba in 1960-61, does it not? The departing president could have accomplished it in 2 days. The Bay of Pigs disaster was imputed to John Kennedy and however was casually swallowed by the young president’s inveterate cavalier attitude toward personal accountability and forgotten. Many were deceived. One infers from this , there is no new administration.

Jack Kennedy was handed the baton , which he refused to execute; Or his infamous advisors, Goldberg and Kissinger, who were the real powers behind the Cuban crisis. Naturally as is military justice a subaltern is
the scape goat and the CIA satrap was the mata hari .

Today, what is danger here in Europe? Is it real?
And why? All those prescient Europeans , who have not disavowed reason want above all peace, desired Donald Trump. Russian influence and subversion with AMerican collaboration is greatest with their Jewish immigrants , who arrive daily(since 1945)investing themselves in subsidies and jobs with Section 8 homes, the land of opportunity for a new generation of Israel. One should think this more intrusive than the improvisation of adolescent computer hacking misbehavior, that libeled the disreputable Queen of Doom.

Is it not true, President Elect has chosen for Secretary of Defense a retired general , known for his sanguinary appetite ? This pensioner has devoured gratefully all the necessary CIA- Mossad disinformation . He is single minded , merciless and possessed of the traditional incurable American self-righteousness. He is commissioned to destroy the evil abstractions caricatures invented by the coalition war party to destroy the earth.

This is an excellent news advice with the laudable and cogent reference to Smedley Butler. He would not approve of this ostentatious exhibitionism that is profligate waste of money if nothing else.

Constitutional declaration of war is another casualty of the prevailing lawlessness of alien and irresponsible leaders. lex non scripto is the supreme law, whether for a pretext for war or to circumvent( and abolish) the freedoms of Bill of Rights. The Scriptures prepared us : In those days there shall be war and rumors of war.
Smedley Butler said you fight to protect your lives and homes or churches from enemy depredation. Not for freedom, against isms or for any other idol.

The stones know this and shall speak against it before this wicked, adulterous, lawless generation sienced with cell phones.

January 20th, 2017

Christians of the western world are most probably blissfully unaware that all wars are money changers wars for thieving the natural wealth of the vanquished as well as undermining Christianity which teaches that the love of money is the root of all evil. Presently, the only true defender of the faith is Vladimir Putin who came to the rescue of the Christians of Syria and is preventing the Pharisees from making the Holy Land and the Levant Christian-free In contrast with the perverted western Christian Zionists who are aiding and abetting the scheming against the Faith.
The demonization of Putin is due to his newly acquired status of Defender of The Faith.