John Hagee of CUFI Weighs In On Ebola Judgment Against US By God Because US Not Kind Enough To Israel

Just when you thought it was safe to get into the water, John Hagee of Christians United For Israel has declared, on the Hagee Hotline program, that President Obama is not sufficiently kind to Israel.  It seems the President wants to keep the “true ” capital of Israel, Jerusalem, divided between Palestinians and Jews rather then uniting it under Israel.  Hagee contends that this will result in a judgment by God against the United States in the form of the Ebola outbreak.  This is a one and half minute segment of the program that was extracted from the program hosted by Mathew Hagee (son of John Hagee) left us amazed. You can watch the entire program by going to Hagee Hotline.  You will have to sign up to watch by giving your email but, hey, it’s free and one of the best entertainment values around!  CLICK TO WATCH


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December 23rd, 2015

Their money trail is pretty open I think. They raise a lot of funds from plpeoe who believe in what they are doing, selling books, etc. Nothing wrong in how they get their money it’s just sad that most of the plpeoe who give it don’t understand the ramifications of doing so. We got interviews with Hagee and others just wanting to know what they believe and why. We tried our best in the film to just present their views as is and only took the main points they repeat everywhere. Nothing really new just in context with other views which does not happen often if ever. Thanks for the kudos on the film appreciate that.