Jamie Rasmussen, Senior Pastor:

August 5, 2009

Jamie Rasmussen, Senior Pastor:

Scottsdale Bible Church

7601 East Shea Boulevard

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


 Dear Pastor Rasmussen:

 We plan a Project Strait Gate “Vigil” for Peace with Justice for All Races, on the public thoroughfares around Scottsdale Bible Church on Friday afternoon, September 11 and on Sunday Morning September 12, 2009.  You may learn about our many previous Vigils by touring our website.  We hold quiet, congregation friendly and respectful interventions directing our message to your attendees. (1)  If you are interested in meeting with me in advance of our announcement, please call.


We have held interventions at over sixty churches and religious meetings, including twice at Scottsdale Bible, and from it we enjoyed a mutually informative meeting with Dr. Delhousaye at Phoenix Seminary.

Our purpose is to influence fellow Christ-followers to heed Jesus words first: “Blessed are the Peacemakers”, and oppose continued and ongoing massacres of essentially helpless people in the Middle East, particularly in the Gaza Strip where 1.5 Million live in conditions of enforced deprivation worse than the Warsaw Ghetto in W.W. II, according to some who have seen both, done with U.S. taxpayer money, and sadly with the support of many Churches.

Yes, Gaza is an ongoing massacre and undeniable proof is found even in the American Press if one looks beyond page three.  The present occupation and starvation of the Gazans, in the wake of Israel’s annihilation of nearly 1,400 people, with many thousands wounded and some 40,000 homeless, was all carried out right before our eyes in a thirty day period starting two days after our Christmas and 400 of the dead are children.

            Christians, too, are among the victims in Gaza, and several whom I met there seven years ago may be among the dead.  I visited Gaza not on a tourist bus, but on foot and unescorted.  What I saw and photographed is undeniable mass homicide by Israel.  http://www.whtt.org/straitgate/index.php?id=14&news=1 

Our issue is not with Jews or Zionists, but with the American Christians in 100,000 churches who are enabling war.  I was one of them. The blood is on our hands: evangelical church leaders who teach that “the present day State of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy” (2) are tacitly enabling the systematic destruction of Iraq and are overtly supporting Israel’s inhumane occupation of Gaza, Golan, the West Bank, and the near total destruction of Lebanon. 

The greatest spiritual damage from current U.S. policy is to Christianity itself, making “Christians” a laughing stock word world-wide. Christian missionaries are also no longer safe in Muslim countries (thus “writing off” up to 1/3 of non-Christians in the world).  Yet, many Christians lived peacefully amongst Muslims for centuries and several among my hosts in Gaza attest to this.  What both Christians and Gaza Muslims feared most, were numerous agents and informants.

World Zionism has spawned a network that includes “controlled view” tourism. If you have experienced an Israeli guided tour, I urge you to go alone next time. I have.

 Most directly Zionist agents train others to operate within Churches.  Two of the latter have popped up in Scottsdale Bible.  They are Waled Shoebat, “From Hate to Love” and the National Project for Volunteers for Israel, which is national to Israel, not the USA, and recruits youth in your church to actually assist the Israeli Defense Forces (its military). From December 27, 2008-January 19, 2009, the annihilation of Gazans was aided by these Christians in support positions. It seems clear these boys and girls from your church are not reading Jesus works from Matthew 5.

Waled Shoebat is, we suspect, a disinformation agent for Israel, if not already exposed as such.  He is certainly Israeli trained and coached. How do I know?  By his own outrageous statement among many from his website that could be made only by Zionist!  Shoebat says:

Europe and the rest of the tyrannical world have again sided with evil and have replaced the Nazis with there support of the phony Palestinian cause. Israel s right to self defense is denied not only by the Hague s Court ruling, but by the UN.”

          “When I finally realized the lies and myths I was taught, it is my duty as a righteous person to speak out.  The Israeli Arab Conflict is not about geography but about Jew hatred; Throughout the Islamic as well as Christendom s history Jews have been persecuted, the persecution of Israel is just the same as the old antisemitism.”

        There is much more to quote from him, but, Pastor Rasmussen, are these statement you would care to stake your reputation upon?  This issue is important and We Hold These Truths has made a project of finding the facts.  We have found researchers who have dug deep into Shoebat’s history, and we have witnesses who knew him from his youth. His story does not mesh, according to those who knew him.

It is likely Shoebat was recruited in the U.S.A. after coming here, not in Israel.  It is self evident from his statements that he took his training from one of the propaganda or Israeli intelligence agencies who make almost identical statements as official policy.  It is very likely he never committed a “Terrorist” act or was imprisoned in Israel; those arrested are always tortured as best we can tell, even if they have done nothing.  Torture is official policy there, supported by its Supreme Court. Israel does not deny this.  Shoebat lauds the humanity of Israel, nearly airtight evidence he is at least a liar. 

Shoebat has adopted a life story that is so outrageous and audacious, not be invented but by professional Zionists, but lacks any detail of dates, times and places. 

Millions of “believers” buy into the false eschatology that “Christians” must unconditionally support the government of Israel and escalating warfare in the Middle East as biblical imperatives.  Jesus demands otherwise; and I would like nothing better than to discuss this with you privately.  I want to be on the strait path together with you.  Can you find a few minutes to meet with me, as other church leaders have done?

Toward the Strait Gate,

  Charles E. Carlson

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