Why ISIS Never Attacks Israel, But All Around It



Five minute audio, features Craig Hanson, Carlson, Compton,on the implications of “Eretz Israel”, meaning its’ future boarder plan. Also reveals collaboration between Israel and Syrian rebels.  Explains why ISIS attacks every state but Israel.

References: Eretz Israel, New UN report




Paul Hoskins
January 11th, 2017

When there are not enough problems of life… when peace (pause) intrudes upon the unjust and chaotic world , whose policy of wars is precipitated artificially – then enemies must be devised for new conflict.

ISSIS , another bete noire conceived by the Jewish pen in Mossad and CIA and of course financed by the eternal debtors named America and we have another war. Trump is another fraud , who ostensibly is refusing to take the baton from his Royal Highness still in Washington grazing in amusement and luxury.

But President Obamama , has evinced a little sober delight when he through UN ambassador dared to abstain from Resolution UN Security Council 2334 .

Congress however has redressed this grievous disobedience to Eretz Israel. They (congress) have demonstrated their righteous indignation of the president’s presumptiveness by another unconstitutional, (probably provoked by the duel allegiance to Zion, it’s hard to lick against the pricks) House Resolution (no number available) passed 342-80 to reprimand the President for his insult to the god on earth , Issrahell and to reassure Issrahell of their loyalty.

I wrote to my congressman, whose affirmative vote for this gratuitous legislation provoked me: to express my disapproval of his arrogation of power , for disrespect and nullification of the President and the misuse of congress for the assistance in crimes of a foreign state . He has not replied .

January 23rd, 2017

ISIS never attacks Israel? – Israel is a world superior force – I would not want to attack Israel either … Yet ISIS has done so, to their peril….


An Israeli front is ‘the last thing IS needs’, former counterterrorism director says

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It goes on and on….