Flotilla Veteran, Paul Larudee, On Gaza Blockade Breaking

LarudeePaul-01.jpgHear Tom Compton and WHTT leaders’ 37 minute interview with Paul Larudee, who has risked life and limb, for peace. He was kidnapped from Flotilla I, in 2010, he was imprisoned and roughed up by Israeli. He discusses  non-violent resistance on our recored podcast, and how it must win.  Paul has been active in several groups including the Free Palestine Movement.  We look at the recent Freedom Flotilla III to Gaza where the lead ship (Marianne of Gothenburg Sweden) was captured by Israel, in international waters, while attempting to break the naval blockade of Gaza and deliver humanitarian aid.  Paul discusses the other movements (BDS, blocking Israeli ships, the pro-Palestinian activism on college campuses, etc.) that are challenging Israel on multiple fronts.  

Can this quote from Mahatma Gandhi be applied to Israel? “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win.”  For an excellent background report, check out our program, “Super Rich Zionists Attack BDS To Save Israel.”