Iktashef: Holy Land Trust Experience in Palestine

In the US, the Israeli side of the Israel/Palestine conflict is the predominant narrative presented by our main stream media and government. After all, the US government gives Israel over $10 million every day. Besides, we Americans have been educated that the Palestinians are terrorists and that they launch rockets against Israel and don’t want peace.

Tom Compton of We Hold These Truths and Ophelie, an intern from France at Holy Land Trust‘s office in Bethlehem, Palestine.

We Hold These Truths‘ Arizona Outreach Director, Tom Compton, spent a month in Palestine and Israel, based in Bethlehem, to find out more about what’s really happening there. The Holy Land Trust, offered a unique, on the ground experience called Iktashef (Arabic for “discover’), that presented voices from both sides of the conflict. In this 22 minute podcast, Tom Compton, gives an overview and highlights of his adventure and explains the upcoming series “Voices In Palestine Crying Out For Peace and Justice” from We Hold These Truths.

Voices in Palestine Crying Out for Peace & Justice:

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh

On a month long trip to Palestine and Israel, I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, a Palestinian, who came back to Bethlehem from a career in the US at Yale and Duke Universities, teaching and researching in the field of genetics. He now teaches and does research at Bethlehem and BerZeit Universities in Palestine. He is the director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History and the Institute for Biodiversity Research. This 6 minute video about Dr. Qumsiyeh by Existence Is Resistanc pays honor to a truly remarkable individual working for peace and justice in Palestine using non-violent means..




September 1st, 2017

It’s more than just who invents the money that pays for the oppression … as long as the world’s erstwhile “Christians” (and yes, even with Islam) sustain a Judaic genesis as its own unalterable foundation of spiritual identity, the western world will remain a “deep-state” Noahide plantation where the first-class of a Jewish priesthood alone is beyond default slavery. Only by admitting to the racist monstrosity of the Torah may you even have a remote chance to break free of its stranglehold.


Mike Czysh
September 2nd, 2017

in the US at Yale and Duke Universities, teaching and researching in the field of genetics…aah, genetics. Reminds me of the video of H.W. Bush in a Monsanto lab extolling the virtues of inserting the gene of some obscure being into another. Save the hybrid process to God!

Monic Bole
September 12th, 2017

Thank you Tom for that wonderful video on your trip. It is evident you speak from your heart on the Truth of the divide in the ‘Holy Land’. I hope to share this with truth
seeking souls and hope it can be viewed by church groups here in Phoenix and elsewhere.