Hebrews 11: 13-31 (lesson 24)

In this lesson we learn that Abraham and the patriarchs of the Old Testament long for a heavenly or spiritual realm. Jesus bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. Don’t miss the lively questions. Once you listen to this episode, you’ll want to listen to all the rest of Mark Horton’s lessons on Hebrews. 39 min.


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Joe Ortiz
April 15th, 2016

Brother Tom:

It is great to see how close to the truth you and WHTT are getting to, based on this audio sermon on Hebrews 11. However, part of the sermon is in error where the teacher still identifies the church as being New Jerusalem. That polemic was invented by C.I. Scofield, John Darby, premillennial dispensationalism dogma. It was interjected into their doctrine in attempts to see the church coming down with Christ at the resurrection. As has been proven (see “The End Times Passover”) the church does not go to heaven at the Rapture; we merely join Christ in the air to have a meeting with Him and immediately escort Him back to earth. Based on many (husband and wife, Israel and God) metaphor in the Old Testament, most Christians still see (and assume) the church is New Jerusalem, soon to be wedded to Christ. If examined closely, this is impossible.

I’m attaching Chapter 11 from my book which explains this error in great detail.


Your sermon demonstrates that many Christians are finally learning the truth about Israel having no right to the land in the middle east, but that the patriarchs were looking for a better city. Unfortunately, by virtue of the fact most Christians have been pounded on by well-meaning evangelists-teachers-pastors that the church is the Bride of the Lamb, some of that doctrine is still clinging to the hermeneutical approach being applied by your teacher’s sermon.

I pray this article will help clear up the problem that much of Christianity still believes (and teaches) to its own peril.

Keep up the great work.

Joe Ortiz, author
The End Times Passover