Hagel Visited Israel, Now Attacked By Zionists

Why is Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, who visited Israel in 2005, now being attacked on TV by Jewish American Neo-Con lobbies? Facts reveal all the more reason we need to remind our congressmen to confirm Obama’s choice, which seems to be in doubt.
Our website search revealed that We Hold These Truths wrote critically about Chuck Hagel taking a junket to Israel in November-December 2005, as one of two Republicans who accepted the gift, compliments of the Israeli lobby. I don’t think most of our elected officials are strong enough to resist a brainwashing tour from Israel; they should learn the truth by arranging their own tours to see all of Israel, not just the part Benjamin Netanyahu wants to show them.
Having said this, I wonder why Hagel is now being criticized by the State of Israel and by American Jewish Zionists, when he is one of two Republican Senators who accepted their invitation in 2005? How can Hagel be said to be less than fair to Israel when he received Israel’s own tour of its self-proclaimed democracy? Surely Israel should be grateful that former Senator Hagel is to be in a position of power over our war policy, but they are not.
In my opinion the media attack on the wounded and decorated Vietnam War Marine veteran, which I saw last night on network TV, will eventually be revealed to be the work of an Israeli Lobby in the U.S., Israel’s politicians, and a few Christian Zionists. We all know our leaders should not be elected or appointed because they are popular or unpopular with another country. Being informed about foreign powers should be important in this powerful office. Should not Israelis be grateful that Hagel has informed himself under their tutelage?
I, too, toured Israel, by myself and on public transportation, without political briefings or even a guide. Maybe Hagel asked a few leading questions while he was there, such as, “Why can we only see Gaza from across a high fence?” or “What’s behind that 26-foot cement wall?” or “Who are the people in these jails?” or “What do you do with the Israeli babies these soldier girls are bound to produce?” or “Why does this tour not allow us time to meet Palestinian citizens of Israel?”
Perhaps the answer to why Zionists seem to fear and hate Hagel is found in a letter from former U.S. Congressman Jim Abourezk on our whtt.org website:
“Dec 6, 2006: I suppose one could argue that Bush’s encouragement of Israel in the Lebanon war this summer was the result of some imperial urge, but it was merely an extension of the U.S. policy of helping Israel because of the Lobby’s continual pressure. In fact, I heard not one voice of opposition to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon this summer (except Chuck Hagel).“
There you have it. Hagel seems to be fair-minded enough to go to Israel and listen, but not soft-headed enough to think he has to accept their warring policies against its own people and neighbors. We should help confirm Obama’s choice, Chuck Hagel from Nebraska.
I recommend these sources if you are undecided and cannot make your own trip to Israel.
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