From Russia With Love…and a Sincere Peace Offering

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It seems that in light of all that has transpired since September the 11th, 2001, it is clear that the neoconservative agenda is WAR.  The foreign policy of the US has become pre-emptive not preventative and certainly not peacekeeping.  The article that can be gotten from the link clearly illustrates this from the very words of a former US National Security Advisor (Brzezinski).  The US government has one goal:  maintaining dollar hegemony at ANY expense.  Various political action committees have long suggested this and have warned about the consequences of pursuing such a policy.  Lyndon LaRouche has recently warned that the US is toying with thermal nuclear war with their latest provocations both in the Middle East and in the Ukraine.  It seems that certain institutions and governments in the Euro Zone are forced to comply with NATO, the US government, and therefore follow a dangerous foreign policy–specifically towards Russia, China, and the Middle East.  Consider the Migrants that have recently flooded the Euro Zone, particularly Germany.  This is no accident nor is it humanitarian.  The raging and ravaging of war and countryside, respectively has left these poor people to flee.  The question is why NOW?  This article demonstrates a possibility:  the US is ramping up for WAR, in a big way.  Not just to claim they are fighting off “terrorism” but to directly confront Russia.  This is not new, in fact if we consider what role the Royal family played in ousting Czar Nicholas II and enabling the murder of the entire Romanov family, this age old resource grab game is nothing that humankind has not seen.  In fact, Russia has been the target by the West and other Imperialist forces for centuries.  The Middle East was about to become a pipeline haven before September the 11th, 2001, with new trading partners such as China, Russia, India, and Germany.  Interestingly, the leaders of the countries whose routes were profitable for international oil trade have all been declared murderous dictators by the US government and then brutally ousted and murdered.  The same is being done now in Syria coupled with the Russo-phobia to finalize the attempt to stop the creation of a competitive market for oil and gold.