First Madness Then Self Destruction, A 2500 Year Old Message

Critical Thinking is concise and usually clear, which is why we read it; todays quoted issue contains links to previous issues- Editor CEC

Whom the gods would destroy…

“‘Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” This is an ancient saying credited to Euripides, the Greek dramatist who lived in the fifth century BC.’

CNN said Trump became president when he ordered missile attacks on Syria – Bush became president when he attacked Afghanistan, Thatcher became prime minister when she sank the Belgrano… Do we see a pattern here?

Leaders gain “credibility” from acts of aggression but they are merely elevated cattle following orders.

We don’t need leaders, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and the world.”

Your Editor CEC returns to add:  Sadly, those who make their living keeping track of how religious groups think and vote, tell us the the “Evangelical Christians” (Zionist leaning and Israel worshiping) voted 81% for Mr. Trump effectively putting him in office.

It falls on us former (recovered) Dispensational Christian Zionists to control our President by openly revolting against his war acts.  This should begin in church, but is not.  Donald Trump, like a very similar actor in North Korea named Kim Jong-un, together, have the capacity, to crush the last ounce of moral good out of USA. Christ Followers should care.




April 20th, 2017

I suspect Fred Reed has regretfully taken Trump’s measure:

Tom Compton
April 24th, 2017

In the article you reference, it appears that Fred Reed has diagnosed Donald Trump and his flip-flops very well: “Yet if only Trump showed some sign of knowing what he is doing, and could remember from day to day, if only he realized that wars are more easily started than predicted, if only he were not becoming an unbalanced Hillary. Yet, apparently, he is.”