Father Elias Chacour: Man of Galilee Working for Peace and Reconciliation In Israel

This inspiring and remarkable 22 min. documentary is about Father Elias Chacour, a man of peace and reconciliation, and, the schools he started in Ibillin, Israel, in the Galilee region. Father Chacour is an Arab citizen of Israel. The Mar Elias Schools have over 3000 students and teachers that include Christians, Jews and Muslims. Father Chacour’s schools have become a shining example and a beacon of hope in a land full of strife and despair.


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John Berg
March 20th, 2016

Here is another article from the Islamophobic media — part of a series it seems — posted against Christians [e.g Sabeel, Kairos, Bethlehem Bible College, etc.] who support justice for ALL peoples of ‘the holy land’, including our Palestinian brothers and sisters:


As I said in my previous posting, I think it is wise for at least some of us to keep track of what the Zionist (and ‘Christian Zionist’) media are writing/posting online.