Farm Bill & Ethanol Fuels Mandates Demands Consumer Revolt


The Farm Bill and Ethanol Mandates are two fingers on the same hand. Both have the effect of radically elevating food prices by different paths. Both programs are now being quietly debated in Congress. Only the lobbyists are being heard. You are not.

Ethanol mandates are a related part of the food price runaway. Called “Renewable Fuels” legislation, it is every bit the root of the problem in elevating food prices as administered by the giant, unaccountable EPA. It is now clear that, because it is a net consumer of hydrocarbons, ethanol hurts the environment, rather than preserving it. It is no longer debatable: even Al Gore has admitted it. But the mandates that we burn corn in our gas tanks at a huge cost to ourselves, continues. Why? Because Congress cannot say “NO” to the giant agribusiness lobbies who are demanding a new, even cushier farm bill and bigger ethanol mandates.

According to the US, 2007 Census, there are less than 400,000 grain farms in the USA, many of which raises corn and are beneficiaries of inflated grain prices. I will not attempt to calculate how many agribusiness enterprises, from Monsanto to John Deere, also benefit.  But clearly the 200 million or more auto owners who do not own a corn farm or a share in Monsanto, are the losers. We consumer looser outnumber the winners 100-1 or more, but we do not have a lobby against compulsory use of ethanol, so to be heard, we must shout!

The present expiring “Farm Bill” was created in a different era of ample farm surpluses and low prices. It was costly in subsidies, but it tended to build food surpluses. Not so today because of Renewable fuel Mandates that stimulate destruction of food for ethanol production. A one-time law must be passed to repeal the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deciding what you and I must burn in our cars.

The farm program is due to expire this year, unless it is renewed. This one is easy; Congress needs do nothing, which they are very good at! What they are not good at is saying “NO” to the agri-business lobby.

If you want to reduce your food and fuel costs by a third or more your message to Congress, your kids, your church and your neighbors should be: “No Farm Bill, No More Ethanol Mandates.” If your Congressman will not listen, roast his effigy in a nice clean-burning ethanol fire in front of his office or home. TELL CONGRESS, LET BOTH EXPIRE, or don\’t come home from Washington!

Whether you fill up your 2001 Civic, or your 2012 BMW, the choice should be yours. Do you want a 10% or 15% ethanol mix, or do you want 0% Ethanol? If buyers had a choice, it would only be a matter of months before all the ethanol pumps would be gone; the only reason we ever burned ethanol is that we were flim-flammed into believing it was “better for the environment.” Now we know this is no more true than the war-lobby maxim that “war brings peace.”

On May 22 Consumer Reports disclosed that the use of the newly approved 15% ethanol could harm car and truck engines; according to the American Petroleum Institute, a study conducted by the Coordinating Research Council showed 25% of engines in 2009 and older vehicles have major failures before 100,000 miles. Even the EPA warns against using it in cars older than 2001, lawn mowers and outboard motors.


Nine automakers—including Chrysler, General Motors, and Toyota—wasted no time writing letters to Congress, criticizing the proposal and noting they will not honor warranties for older cars running on E-15, because fuel pumps and other fuel-system components in cars were not designed for it. We ask, if we know 15% ethanol may wreck our engine, why would we think 10% ethanol is OK to use? Would you believe it if the FDA told you three crystals of meth will kill you, but two crystals are good for you?


Is there a consumer who is not aware that food and fuel are the two most inflated items in the family budget? In just four years the wholesale price of gasoline has risen about 150%, this during a “recession.” The cost of wheat is up 48% during the same period, and corn–the raw material for most meat and milk–has risen more than double. As a result, every meat product is beginning to go into orbit.

You might ask, what about food stamps, is that part of the farm bill? Probably, and if Congress feels the need to renew the food stamp program for the poor, let Congress pass a separate bill authorizing food aid, but not as part of a program to aid farmers. Farm aid is tilted toward a few, who are driving Escalades and half million dollar harvesters. What is gravy for the corn farmer is bankruptcy for many others who chose to milk cows or raise beef cattle, and who now cannot afford the price of feed because of the burning of corn. Have compassion for the cows and horses if you don\’t care about your budget!

The worst new farm abuse I have heard of is consumer subsidized corp insurance.  We pay the lion share of the premiums and the real benefit goes to giant insurance companies who insure the farmer\’s crops from failure. More bail outs of indurance companies, and you are asked to guarantee that the farmers will have favorable weather! Yes this is really happening in the “new farm bill,” and it proves our Congress Is not capable of logic when lobbyist are around. The only answer is NO FARM Bill.

To lower your fuel and food prices, the ethanol industry (not the farmers) must go deservedly go broke, and Wall Street and a lot of investor victims must lose their investments. This will happen as soon as Congress takes away the Mandates. So let us get on with it. Do your part – it\’s your life. 

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Author: Corn-to-Ethanol: US Agribusiness Magic Path To A World Food Monopoly

Charles E. Carlson Sep 27, 2007,