Evaluating U.S. Reaction and Performance Toward The Gaza Assault

President Obama Earns His Bones In Gaza
Charles E. Carlson

President Obama’s response to the assault on Gaza was predictable. The U.S. banking/military/industrial complex (the Warmakers) signaled their unrestricted support for Obama in the months and weeks before the November 6 election. The Federal Reserve Bank announced three stages of massive, unprecedented spending programs, the last being QE-3, given to us only two weeks before the election. Chairman Bernanke pledged to print and spend another $40 billion per month for the foreseeable future to buy mortgage equity. This was the biggest ever election gift to an incumbent, sufficient to swing the close election.(1)

Mr. Obama’s Gaza assault response contains two material misstatements that he would hardly have made by accident. He stated repeatedly that Israel was justified because it had a right to defend itself against “missiles raining down over its borders”. Mr. Obama should know that Gaza is a part of Israel, an internal prison, and there are no such borders. Furthermore, in repeatedly calling Hamas’s rockets “missiles,” he grossly exaggerated Israel’s danger and Hamas’s weaponry.

Guided missiles are something the Philistines do not have and never have had. It is the weapon that Israel fired into defenseless Gazan’s homes some 1500 times last week. Just one missile killed 11 Philistines in one home, most of them women and children!

A missile is, in the usual military sense of the word, a guided or controlled projectile that normally hits its target, unless there is a human error. Rockets, which Hamas has, are projectiles based on pre-1812 technology and are sung about in the U.S. National Anthem, “and the rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air…” Hamas seems to have a few “Fajr” type rockets, but these also are not missiles, because they are unguided, and therefore not designed for long range bombing. Rockets only hit a human target rarely, by accident.

Mr. Obama shamelessly exaggerated Hamas’ capability in order to justify support for Israel’s assault. This is exactly what I would expect him to do, else the Zionist influenced banking fraternity would never have supported him for reelection, and Mr. Romney would be waiting his turn for the White House. (2)

It is impossible to understand political events in the U.S. without first recognizing that the U.S. is a war-based economy and has been for a long time. War is an objective, not a necessity. The bankers who backed Obama are hooked on war as a means of distributing an unfathomable volume of newly-printed dollars being spewed out of the FED through the giant banks.

This author thinks the banking fraternity, in league with world Zionism, is seeking ways to widen its war-making to Iran and Asian Islam, having successfully vilified Muslims in the eyes of most Americans. Those Americans who will look at facts must be shown that independent Arab Islam states are the present targets of the war based economy, and have been since 1990. (3)

We must conclude President Obama will not enforce the cease fire fairly and the U.S. media will not report it fairly. Therefore, the victims and the growing number of Americans who understand the problem must bypass the U.S. media. Fortunately, the Internet and thousands of cell phones are not yet Zionist controlled. The best hope for help is from carefully selected U.S. churches and humanitarian mission organizations, some of which are already listening. (4)


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