End Times Prophets For Profits: Please Do Your Homework!

“End of the World” prophesies are a hallmark of the Judeo-Christian movement, lately called Christian Zionism.  The latest forecast comes from F. Kenton Beshore, another aging TV pastor who claims five academic degrees, and who follows on the heels of other discredited “false prophets,” as Jesus might have called them in his day, predicting the end of the world…soon.

The present day pundits’ seemingly are given credence in today’s media because their misshapen logic invariable works favorably for the State of Israel and justifies its constant war barrage upon its East Mediterranean neighbors, recently those who live in the land of the Biblical Philistines of Gaza.  Simply stated, most false Christian prophesies indirectly support war in the Middle East.  Therefore, those who profit from war hold their noses and publicize the predictions of end times profits through news sources who are laughing up their sleeves as they get paid to discredit Chrisianity.

Please don’t waste time reading Beshore, Harold Camping, Hal Lindsay, or the several who predict the end of the world based on the expiration of the Mayan calendar, unless you do not mind wasting a lot of time.  I do not quote any of them here, but I will in papers to come.

Like Hal Lindsey and others, Beshore bases his view on his own interpretation of the New Testament Book of Matthew, Chapters 24 and 25.  It so happens this author has written a good bit about these same chapters, which I find to be among the most clear, 2000 year old, instructions to those who followed Jesus. In them Christ told his followers how to act, think, and and even die, with a seemingly impossible mission to carry out.  These Chapters are, therefore, practical instruction to us on life, heaven, and hell. Best you read Matthew Chapters 23,  24 and 25 to form your own opinion what Jesus wanted understood.

One readable, online book of Matthew is found here.  Matthew 23, Biblegateway.com, ESV translation.

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How a Bible Publisher Altered the Book to Promote Zionism (Carlson)

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