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Eclipse of Reason at Jackson Hole

Reality of Sun and Moon Revealed; World's Most Ugly Financial Scam Hidden

Thousands of sightseers ascended to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, high in the Rockies, on August 21, 2017, to watch the spectacular view of a two-minute total eclipse of the sun. The math of eclipse is a monument to the wisdom of some ancient men, capable of figuring out a seemingly unfathomable mystery before there were computers, or even calculus.

Only four days later the world was told of a three-day meeting on the same mountain where all reason and logic evaporated in a vapor of financial brainwashing, spewed by Federal Reserve Board chair, Janet Yellen, and her counterparts from France, the UK and other central banks. Mega-bankers' agents Eclipse of Reason is one that we will have to live with for generations if monopoly bankers have their way.

Is there one provable, clear and verifiable fact that labels the FED a fraud and a theft of American's money?  There are many, and we will concentrate on this one.  We will view one simple paradox of the Federal Reserve bank that proves it is a giant fraud, stealing from every generation, and giving to the ultra rich who own it.

That biggest lie is that the FED claims to own some $4 plus trillion of US Government bonds, bills and notes. It is a lie because the FED never paid one dime for these securities but claims them as "assets" on its financial statements...we know it a lie because the FED does not keep the interest paid on these securities it claims to own, but is required by law to return the interest to the Treasury.  Why?  Because the FED never pays for a single security that it buys in the sense that we pay for investments, so it is forced to return the interest 'earned' on them!

The FED was created with the knowledge that Congress would allow it to print credit money out of a vacuum.  I say vacuum, not "thin air" as some say, because air has value, be it small, and a vacuum is void of any value.  FED "money" does not even have the value of paper because it is created without even paper!

The 1913 a few of the Congress that originally passed the Federal Reserve Act had enough integrity and wisdom to realize they were chartering a monopoly bank with the ability to create credit money in almost unlimited amounts.  Enough integrity seems to have remained in the then Congress to demand that interest on T bonds, bills and notes "acquired" by the FED, be returned to the Treasury annually.  This is a clear statement that the then Congress knew full well that the FED does not invest any real money in these "acquisitions".  Do you need more?  These non-purchased "assets" are liabilities on the books of the Treasury, money owed, and are booked as "assets" on the FED's unbalanced sheet. The FED pays for these by writing checks on itself. The Treasury deems the FED a bank, and honors its checks, and it then writes its own check on its account at the FED, let's say to Lockheed aircraft, to buy 17 new F-35 jet, which it may give to the state of Israel, or deploy in one of our endless wars in the Middle East.  Lockheed, in turn, writes checks on the same dollars to pay employees and dollars created float around the banking system.  The entire scam is predicated on the FED purchase of Treasury notes without exchanging any valuable consideration for them. The FED return of the Interest each year should proves everyone (but US taxpayers) knows the FED is a sham money printer to fund war.

The fact that the FED does not book profits on its security portfolio does not mean it is not the world's most profitable scam for its banker owners, whom we will not name in this paper, nor do I probably know them all.  Those who control the FED make profits on knowing in advance what interest rate moves the FED will be making.  This process is not unlike knowing what tomorrow's price of Bitcoin will be!  The banker owners of he FED simply do not need the $70-80 billion of interest that might be cashed on its $4.2 trillion portfolio.  Their scam is knowing tomorrow's rates and prices!  Their advantage is control of the economy!

Those at Jackson Hole Wyoming tourist spot saw the sun go black on Monday, August 21.   Ancient Chinese believed a Dragon was eating the sun; other ancients saw a "great wolf" gobbling it up.  But the words spewed out from Janet Yellen and others at the FED meeting on August 24 at their three-day meeting makes the imagination of the ancients pale by comparison.  Contriving central bankers from Europe and the US gather to plan money schemes to control the world, covered by the fanciful explanation of raw realty that rival the dragon and wolf myths.

The FED superstition that rivals the Dragon-eating-sun was promoted at the Federal Reserve planning session.  I will discuss two of them, one in particular.  (Lie #1)  The FED is planning to “unwind” or  “shrink its balance sheet”.  The FED has induced investors to own more $trillion of treasury bonds by bidding up the price.  If it sells, the prices will drop, and others will dump US issued paper.  We read of FED plans to “reduce its assets” or other language designed to deceive.  This writer wonders if the gang who owns the stock in the FED will cash the Treasury checks if it does sell bonds?

We are being told in cutesy language that the FED wants to eliminated part of its several trillion-dollar "portfolio" of Treasury bonds, notes and bills, but without calling it a "sale" for a very good reason:  it never bought these "assets" in the first place.  The FED acquires, but never pays! This is the Eclipse of Reason.

Every dime's dime and dollar has been given to FED from the US Treasury, all hidden in the double bubble, bookkeeping handiwork between the FED and Treasury.  This is why the FED usually avoids the word "sale" of its holdings, probably because to do so would suggest ownership. Listen hard and you will see they usually say they are "planning to reduce their balance sheet” or "normalize their holdings".  The dragon-eating-sun myth was no more fanciful than this one.  Notice the language in this press release on Oct 20, 2017

"The Fed also is likely to announce a scheduled reduction of its approximately $4.2 trillion in holdings of bonds and mortgage-backed securities, most of it accumulated in response to the 2007-2009 financial crisis and recession.- Ed adds: Note reference to 'accumulated' not bought or purchases, and 'reduction of $trillion holdings', not sale of as anyone else would say.

Post Script, Proof of the Pudding:

The New York Times 1/11/12:  WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve said on Tuesday that it contributed $76.9 billion in profits to the Treasury Department last year, slightly less than its record 2010 transfer but much more than in any other previous year.

Reuters News reveals 2016: The Fed is required by law to turn over its profits to the Treasury each year, a highly lucrative byproduct of the central bank's continuing campaign to stimulate economic growth.
In preliminary estimates of its 2016 results, the Fed said that its year-end remittances to the U.S. Treasury are expected to fall to $92 billion, down $5.7 billion from a record $97.7 billion transferred in 2015. 

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