Divide and Disarm:

A formula for peace has been announced for Yugoslavia and is being implemented. But what has been sold as a peace blueprint is, in fact a formula for a far more terrible, infinitely slower slaughter that may dwarf the missile assassinations we have witnessed. The announced victims are to be the Kovosars, the very people NATO is supposed to be saving.

Many, including the United Nations, have now proclaimed that NATO is guilty of cold blooded terrorism against innocent citizens of Belgrade. Those who control the war in Yugoslavia probably have no personal vendetta against Serbia. Their acts are simply business, part of a larger agenda of world government. Sadly, those killed in Belgrade are a sacrifice to the ambition of the Milosevic government and the designs of those we call The Warmakers. Public and private groups, including the United Nations, have called for war crimes investigations, not only of Slobodan Milosevic, but also of the NATO leadership. The so-called World Court is not a proper forum for investigating such crimes, but regardless of that question, leaders must stand responsible to our people for their acts, and that must include the American citizen leaders of NATO. It is questionable whether Special Prosecutor, Louise Arbour, will ever bring charges against Slobodan Milosevic, not because there is a dearth of evidence against him, but because he is useful to the internationalist who have financed him.

It is quite possible that the political bosses who appointed NATO war policy makers, including Chief NATO advisor, Richard Holbrooke, the Administrations operative who engineered the Dayton Accord to disarmed Bosnia, would deliberately arrange to kill upward to a thousand Serbian civilians plus unknown military personnel as a decoy to trap Americans into an even more devilish war. There is no logical reason that the Warmakers would want to displace Milosevic, a very useful Warmaker ally and a model of post communism, authoritarian socialism. The “war to punish Milosevic is the same old tired “we are doing it to punish Saddam Hussein” line. The NATO assassinations in Yugoslavia have only strengthened the power of Milosevic over the Serbs. His acceptance of the “peace” terms on cue probably assures his immunity from war crimes persecution.

If it is not to destroy Milosevic’s power, what is the goal of the peace plan? It is to crush any provinces within Yugoslavia, the Middle East or elsewhere in the world, including America, where any people or government has the audacity to challenge the New World Order by attempting independence. This explains why the Warmakers have focused upon the independent governments of South Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Bosnia and most recently Haiti, all of which expressed their independence from what George Bush called the “new world order”. Each of these governments was first vilified in the press, then attacked militarily or with strangling economic sanctions. It also explains why Kosovo is next, and why the Republic of Sudan is under the most virulent propaganda attack ever to be leveled at so poor and remote a nation. And it explains why NATO does not mind being discredited as assassins.

Dr. William A. Pierce draws the following conclusion in his recent excellent article A New Kind of War. “The outcome of this war”, states Dr. Pierce, ” to take Kosovo away from Serbia is important because it is a new kind of war, which will help to establish a new principle if it is successful. That new principle is that the New World Order, as embodied in NATO or the United Nations or whatever other supranational body the board of directors of the New World Order chooses, can tell any country in the world how to govern itself and then destroy anyone who doesnt obey. It will mean an end to national sovereignty. It will mean an end to national independence. It will mean an end to freedom.”

It is also undisputed that the NATO bombing campaign has taken hundreds of innocent, civilian lives in Kosovo. The two documented bombings of civilian refugee trains combined have killed about 200 fleeing refugees. But the public was allowed to assume the Kosovo bombings were actually done to aid refugees, and have been written off as an enormous accident. On Saturday, May 22nd, NATO hit a KLA command headquarters in Kosovo killing five and wounding 25 militiamen. NATO also bombed a prison in Kosovo killing 19 and wounding many. Why a prison if the objective is peace? Again the strike was excused as an accident without so much as an apology. How many more Kosovars have died is unknown because the press was cleared out of Kosovo.

The new “peace” formula is the most logical course for the promoters of the New World Order to get NATO out of the limelight now that it has been discredited as bloodthirsty assassins. The real plan, not the phony feel good scheme we are now being told about, is contained in the G-8 group ministers statement released to the pubic on May 6th and carried by CNN. It was agreed upon by foreign ministers of the U.S.A., Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Canada and Japan and significantly alters the much-publicized Rambouillet agreement. It calls for NATO to stop bombing and go home; but the United Nations has been designated to take over the management and conduct of the war. Just when many have learned to hate NATO, the Warmakers substitute the United Nations in clean white jeeps and helmets.

We should not be fooled by these bait and switch tactics, for we all should know that NATO and the UN are two fingers on the same dirty hand…the UN having created NATO under its charter in 1949, just as the UN created Israel by vote of the General Assembly in 1948. The UN was itself created in 1946 by world government advocates of its day. This is a classic changing of the guard to gloss over NATOs barbaric crime against humanity, while the war us shifted into a new gear.

Sadly, the Kosovars seem to believe NATO is on their side, but the agreement seems to dictate placing the Kosovars in a giant, partitioned refugee camp, surrounded by Milosevic and policed by thousands of UN troops. The future of Kosovo is spelled out in four well-chosen words in the text of the statement on Kosovo from the G-8 foreign ministers, which calls for “the demilitarization of the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army)”. That means disarming the men of Kosovo in the presence of their enemies, as was done to Bosnia!

As a preconditioning we Americans have been propagandized by the press to the killing of anyone who is “Islamic fundamentalist, drug runner, terrorist, or member of the KLA”. In this same language Americans were conditioned to accept the rape of Bosnia, the death of half a million in Iraq and a few thousand Somalis. The propaganda is aided by writers in the political right who have attacked the KLA as “terrorist” without any real research to back up their claims. The recent prison bombing and the KLA command post bombing is probably no more an accident than was the destruction of the Chinese Embassy. These barbaric acts against the innocent are the Warmakers announcement of the beginning of the next phase of the war on Kosovo.

If the Kosovo Liberation Army is the next UN target, then who is the KLA? We are told daily is it a “pack of Maoist-terrorists, ex-communists drug runners”. The term “Maoist-terrorist” is frequently associated with Israeli propaganda. Writer Steve Rodan who wrote for former Prime Minister Netanyahus office, appears to be one such source of the widely circulated “Maoist” label. His trackless quotes have appeared in many conservative and Christian publications. But based upon the lack of verifiable references presented in many such accounts there probably arent many facts. There may well be former communists in the KLA, as is contended, but there are indeed former communists in governments everywhere in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans. Milosevic himself is one and his wife is still reported to be a high Communist party official. Former communists are reported to be dominant in crime in Russia and Albania. There may also be drug runners in the KLA, as its detractors claim, but this too is not supported by any solid evidence. If there are communists and drug runners in the KLA they will probably leave and seek other business opportunities when the shooting starts.

The KLA reportedly is also the militia of Kosovo, which has no army. Kristina Brendel, a Director of City Lights Mission and a recent observer of refugee camps, told We Hold These Truths that the young men are disproportionately absent from the refugee camps and are said by their families to be in the militia staying behind with the KLA. Mrs. Brendel also observed that many youths told her group that they plan to join the KLA as soon as they could return to Kosovo.

Based upon several such accounts it is likely The KLA is made up primarily of displaced farmers, shopkeepers, workers, youths and some old men. Some men quite naturally stayed behind to watch over what was left of their homes and farms and to hide wherever they can. The bloody killing yet to come will be directed against these Muslim Kosovars. The New World Order is not merely misguided in attempting to disarm the KLA, it will attempt to stamp out the spirit of independence that caused Kosovo to attempt secession from Yugoslavia as early as 1989. Sadly, many Serb civilians are dead, but this is the hors doeuvre before the final Warmaker course, the sacking of Kosovo by the United Nations occupation force.

The actual “peace” deal, as published by CNN on May 6th, is simple, straight forward and deadly and consists of four main points; the Serbs will back off, NATO will pull out and phase out the bombing, and the United Nations will pull, and it will disarm the KLA. This is diabolically simple and deadly because no one has stopped to contemplate what it means to disarm the Kosovars militia. *

The UN entry into Kosovo can only result in much more blood. The Kosovars want independence and have militiamen who are willing to fight for it. The UN plan does not provide for independence, it provides for petitioning, just as in Korea, Vietnam, Palestine, and Bosnia, each of which have resulted in continued war. Sadly, the Kosovars will soon learn that what is promised as “conditions of a peaceful and normal life in Kosovo” as called for in the agreement, does not mean freedom, it means occupation.

Experience with other Muslim independence movements clearly foretell they will not give up their guns, and would be unwise to do so. The Muslim Kosovars can look to what happened to the Muslim Bosnians when they allowed the UN to disarm them. Therefore, “demilitarization” really means starving or killing the KLA until there is no further resistance. This will surely become another permanent UN occupation, as we find in Katanga, Palestine, and Lebanon, each of which have lasted 30 years or more. The UN currently admits to 30,000 permanent “peacekeepers” in Bosnia, why would one expect less for Kosovo when the UN is already mentioning figures as high as 60,000.

The UN will no doubt play its normal ponderous, obstructionist role that produces slow death by deadly attrition, internal strife and starvation. Skirmishes will develop as the UN attempts to capture KLA arms caches. There will be assassinations, ambushes…the skirmishes will escalate. Hatred will replace relief in the hearts of the Kosovars, and KLA recruitment will increase as desperation returns in proportion to the rise of unemployment and inflation, as it has in Bosnia. The UN will feed Kosovars during the day and try to ambush them at night. In a year or so . . . civil war. The UN will have tanks and Warthogs and night vision; the Kosovars will have old rifles and shotguns. So it will be a slow annihilation of a productive society. Here in America reports of killing will become acceptable and unnoticed, as is the pattern of the past. Who will die in Kosovo? The able bodied young Muslim men, the best, strongest and brightest…and the children. Another Warmaker engineered UN tragedy in the making.

All this should sound very familiar because it has happened before. This is the Israeli policy wherever Muslims are concerned…witness Palestine. What about the continued bombings in Belgrade? Only window dressing, and a tragedy for those who are killed. Our hearts go out to them for they are the victims of terrorism by our government and by their own. The bombing has strengthened Milosevic, as it strengthened Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Milosevic has accepted a few thousand dead Serbs to make it look real. Eventually, the bridges and electric plants of Yugoslavia will be rebuilt by the west. Everyone has agreed to the plan…except the victims, the Kosovars. They protested, but no one listened.

The New World Order is simply the next phase of world communism. It is, therefore, a war against fundamentalist believing Christians; but it is also a war against Islam. Kosovo is Islam. The New World Order will never accept an Islamic state in Europe, no more then it would accept a truly Christian state. Its goals are Bolshevik states. This is because Islamic states show up Bolshevik states every time, as Bosnia showed up the rest of the communist world when they successfully hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984. But now the Olympic stadium where the American hockey team defeated Russia for the first time is a graveyard for those who died while the Warmakers United Nations looked on for two years.

Why the transparently false propaganda campaigns against an organization that hardly appears to exist and lacks leaders and spokesmen? It can only be to soften up the American mind to accept mass murder! This is logical because Madeline Albright and many of her allies in The New World Order are Israeli patriots. Her callous acts in the Middle East have indicated she and her team are capable of placing Israeli interests first. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Assistant Secretary of State James Rubin, Secretary of Defense William Cohen, Chief Security Advisor Sandy Berger, Special Representative to NATO Richard Holbrooke and General Wesley Kanne Clark can all claim Jewish heritage. What is about to happen to Kosovars, Which is 80% Muslim, is consistent with Israeli foreign policy, but not the American peoples foreign policy. **

There is nothing new about the present administrations genocide against Muslim countries. Dr. William Pierce points out, “the Clinton government in effect admitted in court that it had no credible evidence to justify blowing up a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan last year.” But this terrible act is consistent, during the Gulf War the US bombed and destroyed the only baby formula plant in Iraq. What has that done to a generation of children in the subsequent 10 years? The child mortality rate in Iraq has risen 300% and one in 10 children born die in infancy. This calculates out to 4000, mostly Muslim children a month, dying from deprivation caused by American bomb damage and sanctions that prevent economic recovery. Muslim Iraq is being deliberately driven back into the medical Stone Age. Consider Madeline Albrights role and her well-publicized statements that the starvation in Iraq is justified by the results. What results?

Dr. Pierce points out, “Sudan just happens to have the misfortune of being in Osama bin Ladens part of the world.” And the same Osama bin Laden is now being used for an excuse to tar and feather the KLA in absentia just as it was used as a phony excuse to bomb the only pharmaceutical plant in Sudan. It has the only remaining anti-Israeli government in northern Africa. And what about the well known undeveloped multi-billion barrel oil reserve in southern Sudan. Who will get the benefits of that after the country is destroyed? Might that oil explain Israels interest in the deserts and swamps of Sudan?

This diabolical New World Order plan is already in motion. On Wednesday, May 19th the UN sent the first 15 advance UN scouts into Kosovo with Milosevics approval. Milosevic has all but agreed to the “peace” plan, and of course, the bankrupt Russians agree.

Americans, wake up to what it means. This is not peace; it is another well-planned genocide by the UN against the sad and hapless people of Kosovo, which Americans will surely pay for! It also means the United Nations can also disarm Americans after it practices on lesser victims. If isolation and assassinations can happen in Yugoslavia, why not in Utah?

A call to action:

1. Please read “One Nation Under Israel”, by Andrew Hurley, 1999 Truth Press, an Account of the Hijacking of the American Congress. This book shows how to change our Congress.

2. Demand your congressman stop all foreign engagements and foreign aid. Support Congressman Ron Pauls H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 1999.

3. Demand that those who carried out the war on Yugoslavia, including Madeline Albright and General Matthew K. Clark, be forced to resign and be investigated by Congress for abuse of power.

4. Pray that God will raise up leaders to deliver our nation out of the hands of the evil ones, and demand the Celebrity Christian leader take responsibility.


* Text of the statement on Kosovo from the G-8 foreign ministers

May 6, 1999 Web posted at: 12:07 PM EDT (1607 GMT)

BONN, Germany (AP) — Text of the statement agreed by the foreign ministers of the G-8 group — the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Canada, Italy and Japan — at their meeting Thursday in Bonn:

1. The G-8 foreign ministers adopted the following general principles on the political solution to the Kosovo crisis:

– Immediate and verifiable end of violence and repression in Kosovo;

– Withdrawal from Kosovo of military, police and paramilitary forces;

– Deployment in Kosovo of effective international civil and security presences, endorsed and adopted by the United Nations, capable of guaranteeing the achievement of the common objectives;

– Establishment of an interim administration for Kosovo to be decided by the Security Council of the United Nations to ensure conditions for a peaceful and normal life for all inhabitants of Kosovo;

– The safe and free return of all refugees and displaced persons and an unimpeded access to Kosovo by humanitarian aid organizations;

– A political process towards the establishment of an interim political framework agreement providing for a substantial self-government for Kosovo, taking full account of the Rambouillet accords and the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the other countries of the region, and the demilitarization of the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army);

– Comprehensive approach to the economic development and stabilization of the crisis region.

2. In order to implement these principles the G-8 foreign ministers instructed their political directors to prepare elements of a United Nations Security Council resolution.

3. The political directors will draw up a road map on future concrete steps towards a political solution to the Kosovo crisis.

4. The G-8 presidency will inform the Chinese government on the results of todays meeting.

5. Foreign Ministers will reconvene in due time to review the progress which has been achieved up to that point.


Murder From Four Miles High

*** H.R. 1146 and was introduced 3/17/99, called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 1999. It was referred to the House Committee on International Relations on March 17, 1999 and to the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights on April 7, 1999. There have been no Floor Actions to date. It has 16 cosponsors, which are as follows.

Rep Hall, Ralph M. – 03/17/99
Rep Ney, Robert W. – 03/17/99
Rep Doolittle, John T. – 03/17/99
Rep Pombo, Richard W. – 03/17/99
Rep Norwood, Charlie – 03/17/99
Rep Bartlett, Roscoe G. – 03/17/99
Rep Stump, Bob – 03/17/99
Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. – 03/17/99
Rep Chenoweth, Helen – 03/17/99
Rep Sessions, Pete – 03/24/99
Rep Aderholt, Robert B. – 03/25/99
Rep Myrick, Sue – 03/25/99
Rep Barr, Bob – 04/12/99
Rep Wamp, Zach – 04/12/99
Rep Crane, Philip M. – 04/27/99
Rep Tancredo, Thomas G. – 05/18/99