Did Obama’s Election Break The Judeo-Christians’ Grip?

It’s official, Barack Obama is back for four more years. So is the Judeo-Christian hold on the U.S. Presidency over? After five straight presidents Mr. Obama is the first elected since Richard Nixon, who has won without a majority of the Christian-Zionist vote.

Pew Forum is the only poll that comes close to defining voters by their Judeo-Christian bend. It calls them “evangelicals,” and states: “Analysis of exit poll data from prior elections shows that, nationwide, voter support for Romney among white evangelical Protestants was the same as for George W. Bush in 2004 — 79% for both GOP candidates. And Romney won more of the white evangelical Protestant vote than John McCain did in 2008.”

I add that Obama won without any significant Mormon vote, which Pew Forum does not include in the Christian Right “evangelical” column, though it should. None of the polls make the distinction that both “evangelical and Mormons” should be properly defined as believing the State of Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy and must be supported politically regardless of its principles or policies toward other humans. I am convinced by years of exposure this is the only operable definition of Judeo-Christianity (lately called Christian Zionism). This is the group Obama got elected without.

Why did the pattern not hold true for Obama? As we wrote in Bring On The Cliff a few days before the 2012 election. The answer is that Obama was chosen in advance by the banking, military, industrial fraternity.  Wall Street support for him was evident since 2009, when the FEDERAL RESERVE printing press began spewing out trillions of dollars called “Quantitative Easing” to revive the crippled stock market and housing market. President Obama is the beneficiary of all this inflation, which overwhelmed every political faction with electronically created dollars.

It seems the President satisfied his banker contacts that he will not abandon the war based economy.  The “We killed Bin Laden” charade (we cannot know who was killed), followed by his militant sanctions of Iran and escalated Drone program prove it beyond every reasonable denial. Obama has been rewarded as the first president since Richard Nixon who did not need the Judeo-Christian voter bloc to be elected.

Sadly, though he probably never planned it, Obama has yielded under pressure to be another Warmaker President.  If there is ever again to be peace with justice, it will be because Judeo-Christians stop being Zionists and rejoin Christ followers as peacemakers. Until this happens within our churches, the banking fraternity will win by division. No matter where you fit in the Pew Poll please help, the struggle for peace is your fight, too! Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, 2-17, explains why you may be one of those who needs to make yourself heard:

“But who is adequate for a task like this?   Only those who, like ourselves, are men of integrity sent by God, speaking with Christ’s power, with God’s eyes upon us.  We are not like those hucksters- there are many of them–whose idea in getting out the Gospel is to make a good living out of it… We dare to say these good things about ourselves only because of our great trust in God through Christ, that he will help us to be true about what we say, and not because we think we can do anything of lasting value of ourselves; our only power and success comes from God.”  2 Corinthians2:17,  3:4 (from the Living Bible)

Our own Judaized Christianity Does Not Confuse God>, Charles E. Carlson Oct 2, 2004
 is worth your time to read again.