Denver Public TV Station Airs Day 9/11 Reality Film

 Colorado Public Television, Channel 12, may be the first to show this alternative side to the official Day9/11 story.  “The Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11” was aired just before the official 9/11 weekend and is still available to watch on the station archives.

A New law suits by 9/11 Day victims may finally help expose the demolition scheme.  A group of six Gulf Arab countries expressed “deep concern” over a bill passed by the U.S. Congress that would allow families of Sept. 11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia over the attack  The White House has signaled that President Barack Obama will veto the proposed law.  If allowed, these law suits would reopen the questions of what really happened and by whom. 

In “Demolition of Truth”, scientists, engineers, and military experts examine the impact of 9/11 on survivors.  Many have come to believe, as they state in the film, that the two World Trade Center towers were only damaged by the airplanes, whose pilots (presumed to be Saudi Arabians) have never been identified.  Convincing photographic evidence indicates both towers were brought down by pre-set, professional “demolition”.  No serious government investigation has been conducted to discover who set off these many brazenly obvious explosive charges, nor to disprove the demolition theory.  The families who want to sue Saudi Arabia may keep the question alive.  Watch the film, with thanks to the courageous station management for showing it in the face of a near blackout of 9/11 reality evidence.  -Editor Chuck Carlson



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September 16th, 2016

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September 16th, 2016

. Most 9-11 is for detached amusement. It is depressing and a terrible thing causing callous indifference. I do know the buildings were destroyed and many murdered. Its clear to see who the murderers and thieves are. So does everyone who does not accept the official explanation.

Nevertheless, this was the best testimony over the 9-11. I appreciated the theologian and the beginning that was an acknowledgement of evil. The psychologists’ asseveration of their own disillusionment did not discern any revelation that would have given birth to confession of the universal sin ; and the apocalyptic relationship with Christ Jesus because of obdurate sterile amorality.

Maybe it would have been better to be a murder mystery instead of the lachrymal empathy of the grieving scientist. Like Conan Doyle all want to discover the mystery of the thief or murderer. In this case we know. The mystery is why the sinners are not brought to justice?

Perhaps even worst than the victims in New York is what subsequently would happen. God’s Law or Bill of Rights can not be infringed or disrespected lawfully. But the hated law which lawyers reviled inspired the consummation of this pitiless and cynical crime used for blasphemous denial of its supremacy. Perhaps it is the ultimate victim.