CUFI’s John Hagee at Faith Bible Chapel To Be Challenged

Chuck Carlson discusses the Project Strait Gate Vigil at FBC:

We Hold These Truths will, again, hold a vigil at Faith Bible Chapel on October 19th from 5:15 – 7:00 pm, at the CUFI “Night To Honor Israel” featuring John Hagee. This will be WHTT‘s third visit to Faith Bible Chapel, and we are inviting others to join us. We will make this letter available to those who attend and leaders of other churches as widely as possible on an ongoing basis.

October 15, 2014 Letter to:

Pastor George Morrison
Faith Bible Chapel (
62nd Ave and Ward Road
Arvada, CO 80004

Dear Pastor George Morrison:

You have hosted Christians United For Israel events, at least three times, with Israeli politicians, military, and Zionist John Hagee present.  Each time you honored Israel just before, and or, just after Israel conducted massacres against its Philistine Muslim and Christian neighbors and citizens.  Each time, John Hagee raised money from your congregation for whatever use Israel wished to use it for, no doubt, some for ongoing genocidal occupation.

Pastor Morrison, are you keeping count of all the deaths you are helping to pay for?  We want to remind you so you will see the blood of Gaza children on your hands.  Don’t you think God will hold you accountable for paying Israel’s bills for the military costs, the guided missiles and F-16s it uses?  Where is Jesus in your funding of this unthinkable evil called “occupation?”   We ask you this, and we will be there to ask those who attend your “Night To Honor Israel.”

I have seen you in action, a successful businessman, and I know you are far too intelligent and well traveled to believe the stories Israel tells about being the underdog, the victim, and, never the aggressor. 

Six weeks ago, anyone who would look, witnessed Israel’s worst massacre of this century, where hospitals, ambulances, schools, United Nations shelters, and some 25,000 homes were destroyed.  How can you not feel Christ’s pain for some 200,000 or more, mostly large families in Gaza who are now homeless as they face winter?  Where is Jesus, the Peacemaker, in your Faith Bible Chapel?  Jesus’ calls to you to “love your brother”, even “your enemy”?  But to you, only Israel is your “brother,” is it not, Pastor Morrison?


Christian Zionism is a death cult, and you lead your congregation into it.  It ignores every precept of Jesus, and puts Israel on Jesus’ throne where only He should be.  This is our message to all who will listen.  

Every time you have entertained and “honored” Israel at Faith Bible, you did so on the heels of a siege of genocidal murder Israel committed upon the Philistines, or just before a new one was about to happen. On May 20, 2007, Faith Bible Chapel entertained John Hagee and guests from Israel; your Israeli guests had just brutally and destructively put down the Palestinian stone-throwing revolt called Intifada II in the West Bank.  I saw its beginning in Gaza in 2002. Israel bombed Gaza without resistance. Hundreds of young boys were killed and maimed with “rubber bullets” that were not rubber, and thousands were imprisoned, some are still in prison without any charges.  And, what goes on in Israeli prisons is unspeakable.


Rev. Morrison is a member of the CUFI Executive Board. Rev. Morrison extends the borders of Israel based on a Christian Zionist interpretation of the Bible. To view this explanation and a WHTT vigil held at Rev. Morrison’s church see: “John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying for war in the name of Jesus.”

And, the next year after you honored Israel, it launched a more brutal air and ground attack in 2008, on the fenced in and imprisoned Gazans, with the obscene air attack which Israel called Operation Cast Lead.  The name indicates the pouring of molten metal, presumably upon the unarmed Palestinians. Most women and children died of burns, including white phosphorus burns.  Israel, indeed, did “cast lead” upon thousands of women and children’s homes. Between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinians died, according to Israel’s own count, and no accounting was offered of the maimed and wounded. Only 13 Israelis were killed, this according to Israel’s own Shin Bet sources.

But, Pastor Morrison, this brutality has not detoured your and John Hagee’s devotion to Israel.  For, in spite of Israel’s well politicized, multiple or ongoing massacres, you sandwiched in another John Hagee meeting between Israel’s genocides, on  September 26, 2011.  We Hold These Truths was there to talk to your participants! [1And, it was only just over a year later that Israel carried out another bombing attack on the Gaza gulag in 2012.  This time, Gaza officials said 133 Palestinians had been killed in the conflict: including 53 civilians, and a policeman. An estimate that 840 Palestinians were wounded in what was just a test of even worse atrocities to come two years later.

And, Israel’s brutality is accelerating, and you are paying for it.  For In the summer of 2014, the whole world witnessed the most brutal bombing of all, Israel’s Operation Protective Edge,[2] an organized, racist, ethnic cleansing, aimed at the destruction of the homes and infrastructure needed for the very humble life of the 1.8 million imprisoned Gazans.  Israel has admitted it destroyed the power plant, water wells and conduits, sewage treatment facilities, and many health facilities.  No one in Gaza can have a full life anymore, and no one denies that Israel killed upward to 3000 persons, most of whom are women and children. There is no way to guess how many will not survive wounds, diseases and deprivation. Yet, you, Pastor Morrison, have again invited Israel’s Christians United For Israel, and John Hagee, back into your members’ church on October 19, 2014 only weeks after the killing subsided. Pastor Morrison, do you doubt Jesus has witnessed your acts? What will His response be; don’t you fear him?

Your members are not the only one you deceive and mislead.  Only a year ago, I personally found you lobbying the Colorado legislature, vouching for the financial stability of Israel in hopes of passing a law.  The law (SB13-176) did pass and was written to allow Colorado public servants to invest the taxpayers’ funds in Israel issued bonds, which would pay for genocide. [3

You personally stood and assured the Colorado House Committee that Israel’s bonds are safe.  We who opposed you, explained that such bonds are sub-standard credit risks because Israel wastes most of its resources on wars.  You testified to the morality and fiscal soundness of a country that has been at war all its life, and, asserted you had been there 25 times and your wife 50 times.  Indeed, this has a commercial ring to it; why would anyone junket to the same little country 25 times, if not for business? Only the efforts of a few of us who were there, resulted in an amendment to the law to force Israel to meet the same credit standards others must meet to sell their bonds to our state.  Pastor, you are not only a moral threat to your own misled congregation members, but you are a financial risk to every citizen in Colorado.  And your church is not even a taxpayer.  Shame on you!

I hope you will cancel this planned event.   I will be willing to meet with you at Faith Bible Church about this issue, and I am hand delivering this letter to you.

Toward the Strait Gate,

Charles E Carlson (602-741-4650)



[1] Video report on WHTT vigil at Faith Bible Church on Sept. 26, 2011 (includes a clip of John Hagee praying for war, in the Middle East, in the name of Jesus, and Rev. George Morrison explaining what the true borders of Israel should be):

[2] “Israel’s March to Genocidal Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians In Gaza,” WHTT,  July 22, 2014:

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