Chuck Carlson to Speak at Jerusalem Rally and Dinner in DC

Dear Friends,

I am again invited to speak at a Jerusalem Day (Al-Quds in Arabic) rally for at least the 4th time, this time in Washington DC, on August 17th.  My topic, as always, will be Christian Zionism.  I speak from the New Testament as a follower of Christ, addressing why Christian Zionism is a major factor in preventing Peace for the Palestinians and for all of us. Most important, I will address why Christian Zionism, which may influence as many as 70 million in the USA alone, is neither Christian nor Scriptural, and therefore, why it can and must be changed. I am pleased to see a growing list of speakers and participants from Christian, secular, and Pro-Peace Jewish groups adding their voices to the devout Muslims you will hear, all seeking peace, first in Jerusalem, and then world-wide.  How fitting that this rally will begin in front of our Capital in Washington DC, where war upon Iran is being planned by Warmaking Lobbies and a willing Congressmen, and that the Rally will end with a dinner in a nearby Christian Church.  Trust me, you will be moved by the hospitality of our Muslim hosts.  Call me if you want more details, I hope to meet you there. Chuck Carlson
303 238 1168 For further details go to Project Strait Gate: ** Al-Quds Committee: You are invited to two al-Quds Day events planned for Washington DC
* This year’s rally will be held at Dupont Circle, immediately followed by
an interfaith
 iftaar (fast-breaking dinner) at St. Stephen’s Church.  Inshallah, as in
recent years, we will have a diverse lineup of
 speakers including exclusive spoken word performances by premier artists. Our Facebook:
interfaith Iftaar will include an interactive program for participants. *

*Join us as we rally to make a unified call for peace and justice around the
world and an immediate end to the occupation of Palestine. All are
welcome. Please inform and invite any friends and family in the area to
these gatherings during this blessed month. Please see below for more
information: *

*FB Event Page
WHAT: DC al-Quds Day Rally
WHEN: Friday, August 17th @ 4PM-6PM
WHERE: Dupont Circle (intersection of Connecticut and Massachusetts Aves) Washington D.C. *
Followed by dinner party *WHAT:  DC al-Quds Day Interfaith Iftaar( Dinner)*
* WHEN:  Friday, August 17th @ 7PM
WHERE: St. Stephens Church 1525 Newton St. NW, Washington DC