Christ Followers and Muslim Americans: Moral Allies for a War Free America

(First Published Oct 16, 2009)

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks recently sponsored a capital hill briefing for American Islamics for Informed Democracy (AIFD) at which its founder, Dr. Zahudi Jasser, presented what amounts to the Zionist view of what Islam should be and do.* (1)  Dr. Jasser is well known to this author since both of us live and work in Phoenix, Arizona. It so happens we recently published a documentary entitled, “The Zionist, Messianic-Christian Network Inside Evangelical Churches.”* (2)  In it we described a network of professing Christians who claim to be former Muslim terrorists, but who were not. We exposed them as bearers of false witness. Their concocted stories are artful and inflammatory.  Each phrase seems designed to incite fear of, and therefore, hatred for Muslim Americans. Our story exposes the extent of this hate network, which we think is sponsored and supported by Israeli Zionists and probably the Israeli government.

Not surprising, we see that the same tactics are being used to denigrate mosques, Islamic societies, and Islamic organizations, and the entire Muslim culture to the same end; to incite fear of, and hatred for Muslims. This coming from a smooth professing Muslim with in perfect English, is believable and deadly. It leave the indelible impression that not Muslims (not all) hate Christians. We know Jasser is lying because we know lots of Muslims, and we think they need to say so.

Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota, the first Muslim in Congress, did a rebuttal of Zahudi Jasser s presentation. Ellison should be commended for challenging Jasser on his methods and motives, instead of taking the hopeless task of arguing the flood of flimsy facts Jasser presented. We also have found this to be the only way to confront those who, as Ellison put it, are working in someone else s interest. (3)
Jasser has developed a vocabulary; modernizing Islam, violent jihadism, separation of mosque and state, new words that reek of Israeli coaching. We see this same Israeli footprint tracking in and out of Christian churches.

John Hagee is the best known self-proclaimed foreign agent, with his Christians United For Israel, but there are also many secret ones; Jasser is probably one of them. He is a polished servant of a foreign power, political Israel, the obvious beneficiary of Jasser s deception. His central theme is the Zionist message:  “Muslims hate Christians.”  Congressman Ellison is correct in saying world violence is not caused by radical Islam alone, but by religious fanaticism. Had he said “including Christian Zionism” he would have named half the audience that Trent Franks had invited to hear Dr. Jasser.

Christian Zionists by whatever name, are dragging Americans into serial wars with Islamic states and are now aiming at Iran. Congressman Trent Franks, a one time friend of this author, is a long time judeo-Christian. He is a religious fanatic in the sense Ellison used the word, in that he considers war on Islam a necessary part of his “faith.”  I can assure you, this is not following Christ. WHTT.ORG s mission is to explain this abhorrent, unchristian sect to others, toward the end of wars in our time. Our Project Strait Gate once protested at the newly elected Congressman Frank’s fund raising breakfast, and I am sure he remembers it vividly. One billboard read:


We have also held Vigils for Peace(*) at his home church three times, where he attends when home, and where he receives his Christian Zionist’s false scripture training.
As Followers of Jesus, we also have a message for Muslims. First, we in no way suggest that Islam and following Jesus Christ are faiths with interchangeable parts. Let us acknowledge that we are competitors for the minds and souls of men, and it is my prayer that we will always be. The crevasse between our beliefs is a narrow, but a very deep crack. It must be reached over when it comes to mutual action for the freedoms of all those who live in our adopted country. We all came to America from somewhere else, if we look back far enough. World Jewish Zionism and its powerful clone, Christian Zionism, are a common threat. Christian Zionism is a war cult with a Christian label, bent on war with Islam as a false, core belief.  Islamic organizations need to go on the offensive confronting Christian Zionism at every level, including in the street. It is a matter of life and death, or freedom or internment for many.

Muslims must not expect Congressmen Ellison, one of two Muslims in Congress to solve their problem in Washington. He is heavily outnumbered by his fellow congressmen.

Islam and those who follow Christ need to work together on the offensive against the real threat to us, Jewish Zionism at the top, propped up by 50 million Christian Zionists at the bottom. The latter group includes Trent Franks, John Shadegg and John Kyl, and many more on “the hill” with Congressman Ellison.

Muslim organizations might arrange debates between traditional Christians (here we can help) and political Christian Zionists. You also need to set up a youth movement to correct Dr. Jasser from morning till night, from his hospital and at his office, meetings, on to his house. You must find out his schedule and ask those who sponsor him to allow you to debate him everywhere he speaks. Never let his hate speeches go unanswered.
We are alone, for the moment, in challenging Christian Zionism in the streets, but we have perfected the path to do so. We only need a little help from you. John Hagee is in Phoenix, Sunday, October 18th, and we will be there when he promotes world war upon Islam at his Night To Honor Israel. We expect Muslim organizations to join us in this “Vigil for Peace with Justice” for all men. All are welcome, and no such call to war should go unchallenged.*(4)

Pharisee Watch is an internet weekly, a DVD, Roots of Christian Zionism, and much more information and research come from our organization. We also published a fine book on the influence of AIPAC over Congressman Ellison s organization, the US Congress, 6 years before John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt did their excellent work on the same subject. It is called One Nation Under Israel.

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