Central Banks Print Money, Buy Gold for Themselves

In an investment advisory publication called The Non-Dollar Report Sean Brodrick updates an open secret that our mainstream media never tells us.  We do not endorse this article or vouch for its research, but we do know the contents are true in substance, so we quote it and hope it sparks your interest.

Central Banks Are Buying Gold,  Bradford tells us: “Month after month, we are seeing the world’s central banks stocking up on gold. As a group, central banks bought 477.2 metric tons last year. In fact, central banks have added to their gold reserves for each of the past five years. That’s a reversal from the previous two decades, when they sold gold hard and fast. This gold buying is not a big surprise, given the increasingly wild and volatile trading in the currency market. If push comes to shove, the central banks want to have a golden leg to stand on. And there’s also the fact that at current prices, they’re buying gold on the cheap. In the latest news, Russia’s central bank bought 1 million troy ounces (31 metric tons) in August. That raises that country’s gold reserves to 42 million troy ounces. That’s on top of 417,960 troy ounces (13 metric tons) Russia bought in July, and 771,618 ounces (24 metric tons) it bought in June.”

Editor comments:  Why is this so interesting?  Because “our” Federal Reserve Bank is the biggest gold owner among all the world’s central banks, and it has increased its holdings while helping to get our American government some 18 trillion dollars in debt, mostly to fight unnecessary wars.  It seems the USA’s privately-owned super banker wants to amass gold while the debt rises.  Do you wonder why? – Editor Chuck Carlson