What Catholics Need To Know About Christian Zionism, A War Apologetic Sect

WHTT founder Chuck Carlson is interviewed by Judith Sharpe  (73 mins) of traditional Catholic organization, ISOC, to help laymen understand the war encouraging theology of Christian Zionism, and how some Catholics become involved.  Several background resources are mentioned: “Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I” and “Christian Zionism Is A War Based Religion.



Paul Hoskins
March 21st, 2017

Baptists and Roman Catholic meet without the mutual desire to convert to the true faith? I wonder who this MS. Sharpe is? Roman Catholics I have known , including my sister are very prejudiced for Jerasael .They have the money as many Catholic and therefore by old testament law do not sin. I recall an arrogant little Irish priest , who
testified that the Sermon on the Mount , Beatitudes , “neverrrrr haaaaappened. Charles Colson confesses its importance; and he is not alone. I fear the Roman church and I shall stand as hostile confessions irreconcilable.

The critical issue reminds of the Constitution of USA and our elected servants.
The law is never used except against us and is otherwise held in disdain and defied not unlike the infamous Israeli and the Mosaic Law.

… out of context they take a verse and contrive a heresy from prophets or Moses or like the New Covenant , when they ravish the epistle of Romans and Thessalonian to justify tolerant obedience to the Anti-Christ.

I have learnt , the honest man and the liar both speak the truth: the former will serve the truth; the latter will use the truth to serve him.

Charles E Carlson
March 21st, 2017

Judith Sharpe and ISOC site speaks for itself;

Paul Hoskins
March 21st, 2017

Truly, it would be a great good if Roman Catholic and Christians could cooperate against the common enemy. They should begin in domestic America. If only they could forget their bickering and competition and solve one problem decisively then the work of Christ may begin. Think of the ecstatic converts!

Shall we begin:
Pornography is a misnomer for idolatry. A Roman Catholic diocese in Canada has exposed it to their faithfulness and credit. It once was found on Internet under People Against Pornography. It is not left to the imagination who could be for this atavistic repudiation of all American values , that is outside the highest court since every jew organization from ACLU , ADL ,UJC, CJW ad infinitum are jammering and mauseln about censorship and violation of their freedoms . Pornography is also commerce in which many including legislators are deeply invested (like wars). Christmas carols are not included in their protection .

Consequently, the Catholic DIocese probably from Vatican or your friendly server , whom we pay well to search in vain for free publication has expunged it as ” dangerous” or “harmful.” Reminds one of Father Coughlin. Thanks be to their over worked condition or some honest tenacity like WHTT they exempt or tolerate some like WHTT from their ban. WHo knows how long this will last?

Most of your SUpreme Courters are Roman Catholic not incidentally . True, abortion and homo decisions were promoted for protection by predominately Hebrew organizations ,NG and subversives and the 4 Chosen Ones always sitting in highest court but they need the one Roman Catholic dissenter , usually ANthony Kennedy (not always) for the decisive 5 vote , which determines whether babies die (murdered) in in the womb or boys marry boys or old men ( discrimination is forbidden) and adopt children.

How it angers me when they swallow the oblate and drink the blood of the New Testament but never disavow the Old . The same can be said of the Reform churches. They love the old: give me life in abundance here and now and to Hell with the Kingdom of Heaven. Just like Adam and Eva. Not so?

The problem is the churche has never entered the New Testament . They enjoy life natural too much like pornography, football and if you’re religious, the Hebrew rapine and devastation in the Holy Land, and send their children sanctimoniously to murder Israeli enemies or return with an unrecognizable personality.

However as Nancy Pelosi has vigilantly alarmed us : those boys and girls returning not in boxes decorated with flags , but who are disturbed and depressed are “latent terrorists.” They have dissented and seen and made their own judgment like Pat Tillman, who foolishly voiced his opinion to Mossad agent in Harvard named N. Cholmsky and consequently was murdered .

Today the thieves and Israeli myrmidons are passing laws to deny such returning soldiers, condemned by a psychiatrist and judge , both Israeli , that such people are dangerous and should not possess something of mass destruction like a fire arm , which they had used in war to kill Israel’s enemy. How fickle their affections are!

Subsequently , this anti – Constitutional abomination shall be enhanced to include anyone, whom they judge as “dangerous” and many if not all will soon sing the eulogy of those freedoms called , BIll of RIghts . These were conceived as God’s unconditional grace, the only law outside the purview and powers of this earth; not to become victim of viciously invidious prejudice of the nine vultures , 4 Jews? and 5 Roman Catholic (Jew want to bes)and the other criminals in congress and whichever curious par venue they have ensconced in the WHite House.

Richard Edmondson
March 22nd, 2017

Great discussion, Chuck. I have posted an intro and a link to it here:


It has also been picked up by Uprooted Palestinians:


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