Terrorist Act In Congress While Janet Yellen Speaks?

Why The Federal Reserve Will Not Use Bitcoins For Money (but you can) http://www.coindesk.com/buy-bitcoin-sign-raised-feds-janet-yellen-testifies-congress/ https://twitter.com/SteveKopack/status/885174913241427968 "As Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen testified before Congress today (July 13, 2017) one attendee gave some attention-grabbing advice. Peering over Yellen's shoulder as she was testifying to ... Full Story

Co-op Bank Movement Alive & Well

Public Banks can compete the with Central Bank (FED) cabal  The Public Banking Institute (PBI) is a unique citizens' volunteer organization with a mission, writes WHTT Editor Chuck Carlson:   It is trying to teach us how to protect ... Full Story

The New Appointees Have The Same Old Wall Street Connections

Maybe Donald Trump should pick Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State? Those choices Donald Trump is considering for the most important jobs seem to represent the same connections as did his defeated and disgraced opponent, party being the only real difference. ... Full Story