Is the God of Today’s Judaism the Same as the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob?

Many Christians, especially Christian Zionists, believe that the religion of Judaism today is the same as was the religion of the Israelites of the Old Testament, except there are no animal sacrifices now. We Hold These Truths' Craig Hanson does ... Full Story

Still More Blood On Judeo-Christians’ Hands

Only one week before 20-year old Adam Lanza carried out his shooting attack in Newtown, CT, we re-sending this update of our 2008 account of 24-year old Matthew Murray, who shot members of two evangelical religious groups, killing four and wounding ... Full Story

PROJECT STRAIT GATE: We are Coming to McLean Bible Church

To: Lon Solomon, Pastor McLean Bible Church 8925 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA 22182 Staff members Dear Pastor Lon Solomon: Once again we are coming to McLean Bible Church on Sunday. Project Strait Gate is a mission to the followers of ... Full Story

Face to Face With Angry Evangelicals and Jewish Zionists at “A Night To Honor Israel”

Arvada, Colorado, Oct 24, 2011 Zionists from three or more religious groups converged at John Hagee’s Night To Honor Israel in Arvada Colorado, Sunday October 16, 2011. We say “from” because, when one becomes a Zionist, he leaves behind whatever God-driven ... Full Story

Christian Zionist Faith Bible Church, YWAM, Ted Haggard, and Five Needless Deaths

Behind Matthew Murray's Church Executions: More Blood on Judeo-Christian Hands (Original title) Matthew Murray may be the first known assassin to aim his weapons at Judeo-Christians because they were Judeo-Christians. He was an insecure, deeply disturbed young man ... Full Story