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Bitcoin Vs The International Bankers Who Finance Wars

What's going on with the rise of interest in, and the increase in value of, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? This recent, 26 minute documentary by PressTV does a great job of explaining what crptocureencies, like Bitcoin, are, and the push back by the banking estabishment against them.

In his recent article, "Millennials Mistrust Financial Institutions; Invented Bitcoin" Chuck Carlson of We Hold These Truths noted that: "The reason we have not heard our own mega-government hold forth with a lethal threat to Bitcoin and the others, is that mega-gov has not figured out what it can say that will not increase interest.  If any big government knew a way to monitor or control Cryptocurrencies, I am inclined to think we would have heard about it long before now, and you can bet your socks they are trying. Governments are and will be desperate to control the Cryptocurrencies' phenomena; they have no choice.  This absence of threat from them is positive for Bitcoin investors." [Ed.-TEC]

Watch now:

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