Millions Of American Christians Deceived About ‘Israel’

Palestinian Christian, Rev. Alex Awad reveals the effects of Christian Zionist theological beliefs on Palestinian Christians, in this insightful presentation made at a “Christ At The Checkpoint” seminar held in Bethlehem, Palestine. Millions of American Christians have been deceived by a theology that says that God gave the modern state of Israel, exclusively, to today’s Jews and that the indigenous Palestinians living there, have no right to be there. Traditional Christianity rejects this notion. Please watch this 1 hr. 16 minute video presentation and, then, have one of your Christian Zionist friends watch it. Who knows, maybe they will come to realize that God is not a respecter of persons and welcomes one and all into His kingdom. A written summary of Rev. Awad’s presentation is available here. [Ed.-TEC]


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Linda Melin
January 11th, 2018


This was another interesting lecture and after following CATC for the past few years, I still do not understand their manifesto points regarding the “occupation” and the “right of return” because neither are Scriptural. If we are truly Abraham’s children through Christ, then ought we not adhere to the character/customs of Abraham as did Isaac & Jacob as testified to as the examples we are to follow as it written in Genesis 26:5-29, Gen 33:11-20, and Gen 35:1-29. No where is it written that just because past generations built, planted or dug anything, that that land was theirs. Time & time again it is repeated that they were sojourners & foreigners in a land that was not theirs and so when the “occupiers” laid claim to anything they planted, built or dug, the children of Abraham simply moved on without causing strife and without organizing “protest”, peaceful or otherwise and when they did so, they were blessed by multiplication of children & wealth (livestock, produce, etc.) Christ never called His followers to form organized protests of any sort, so why would we think that we should today other than some desire of the flesh to hold onto that which was biblically never ours to begin with because our father Abraham has yet to receive it and until he receives it, there is nothing to inherit now is there? Is this not written in Hebrews 11, that we all receive the promise together, that none become rightful land owners in Israel until Christ returns and then He gives it?

I agree with loving our enemies as ourselves, well I ask, does not the Scriptures tell us how that happens? It certainly does in the examples of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob as well as the many references in Jeremiah (Romans 13) where the Word of God gives us specifics and those specifics rebuke any form of protest calling for the end of the occupation or the right of return for those are merely desires of the flesh and we are called to put off the things of the flesh & live in the spirit as did Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

We are living I the age(time) of the rule of the feet of iron mixed with clay (Dan 2, Mt 21:33-46). Jesus told us who the rulers were & the rulers admitted they knew He was speaking of them. Did He organize protests against them? No. Did He follow their man-made religious laws? No. Did He obey the laws of the Romans that were not against the Law of God. YES! Zionism has 2 faces, political & religious. Political has to do with land occupation, religious has to do with worship. Therefore, if Jesus did not protest the political, then pray tell, why are Christians today, doing so in His Name?

Because they have been deceived!!! That is why.

Thank you for your ear. May your ears hear & eyes see what the Word of God actually says in regards to organized protests in the Name of Jesus the Christ.

Shalom, Linda

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