Thanks to the Presbyterian Church for “Zionism Unsettled”

Open Letter to: Katherine Cunningham, Bill Plitt, Walt Davis, and others in Israel/Palestine’s Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church USA from We Hold These Truths Dear followers of Christ: Thank you on behalf of all who have been waiting for … Continue reading

Presbyterian Church Attacked For Publishing “Zionism Unsettled,” Others Applaud

Israeli lobbying organizations, including Unity Coalition For Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, and The Simon Wiesenthal Center have suggested that the PCUSA committee producing the “Zionism Unsettled” (1) Study Guide and DVD is a “hate group” for its effort at what the church … Continue reading

Jewish group attacks PCUSA for exposing oppression of Philistines

The Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) is one of the largest protestant denominations in the world.  It is meeting this week for its 222nd General Assembly and on its agenda is a resolution to take a formal position to further expose Israel for … Continue reading

Debate With A Messianic Christian Pastor

Applying what we know: Author’s 10 minutes with a Zionist Christian Church leader. Clearly, Christ followers must make it a personal mission to correct their Zionist leaning pastors and friends since nothing will bring change so fast. The described discussion … Continue reading

Is Support For Israel Waning Among Evangelicals?

Review of “Is Support Waning for Israel Among Evangelicals” by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Religious News Service, Washington Post, April 9, 2014 The Washington Post story seems deliberately confusing regarding “evangelicals’ support for Israel.”  It quotes Israeli David Brog, bemoaning that … Continue reading

Keep Bethlehem Open And Help Palestinian Christians Stay

Victories in the struggle for peace and justice for Palestinians come slowly, but are coming more frequently. We Hold These Truths founder, Chuck Carlson, and Tom Compton discuss the inspiring documentary, Open, Bethlehem, by Palestinian filmmaker, Leila Sansour. and her … Continue reading